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Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy), a genetics professor from Chennai, picks up his late father's research and makes an astonishing discovery - a seemingly random group of people around the world are developing astonishing super powers. From a drug-addicted artist (Santiago Cabrera), who paints the future and an ambitious politician (Adrian Pasdar) who can fly, to a New York cop who hears other people's thoughts (Greg Grunberg) and a Japanese computer programmer (Masi Oka) who can distort the space time continuum, these new Heroes seem to have a shared destiny. Creator Tim Kring ("Crossing Jordan") fashions a complex new world full of hidden clues, breathtaking plot twists and suspense-filled conundrums for an exhilaratingly fresh story about average people who are confronting the existence of inexplicable super powers. Also starring Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Noah Gray-Cabey, Leonard Roberts, Tawny Cypress and Jack Coleman.

Heroes was the breakout new TV series of 2006. It slumped in its second season and the writers' strike might have actually helped it by forcing a quicker end to an underwhelming Volume. Still, the show manages to weave a large number of storylines in a manner not usually seen in science fiction series.

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Heroes Cast List:
Actor Name: Character Name:
Hayden Panettiere
Jack Coleman
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Masi Oka
James Kyson Lee
Milo Ventimiglia
Greg Grunberg
Ali Larter
Adrian Pasdar
Noah Gray-Cabey
Cristine Rose
Zachary Quinto
Jimmy Jean-Lous
Leonard Roberts
Santiago Cabrera
Adair Tishler
Tammy Cypress
Danica Ramirez
Nora Zehetner
David Anders
Thomas Dekker
Randall Bentley
Ashley Crow
... Claire Bennet
... Noah Bennet
... Mohinder Suresh
... Hiro Nakamura
... Ando Masahashi
... Peter Patrelli
... Matt Parkman
... Niki Sanders
... Nathan Petrelli
... Micah Sanders
... Angela Petrelli
... Sylar
... The Haitian
... D.L. Hawkins
... Isaac Mendez
... Molly Walker
... Simone Deveaux
... Maya Herrera
... Eden McCain
... Takezo Kensei
... Zach
... Lyle Bennet
... Sandra Bennet
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