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Lois & Clark Season 1 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1 - "Pilot"; Written by Deborah Joy LeVine; Directed by Robert Butler; 9/12/93
Mild-mannered Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis, becomes a reporter for the Daily Planet, and creates his secret Superman identity. His first challenge: stop Lex Luthor from sabotaging the Space Station.

Episode 2 - "Strange Visitor [from Another Planet]";
Written by Bryce Zabel; Directed by Randall Zisk; 9/26/93
Superman discovers his roots. A phony warrant leads Clark to proof of his alien origin... and to a shadowy federal agent who wants Superman dead.

Episode 3 - "Neverending Battle"; Written by Dan Levine; Directed by Gene Reynolds; 10/3/93
To test just how strong and fast Superman is, Lex Luthor masterminds a series of emergencies around Metropolis to assess the Man of Steel in action.

Episode 4 - "I'm Looking Through You"; Writer: Deborah Joy LeVine; Director: Mark Sabel; 10/10/93
A nerdy scientist who's invented invisibility suits becomes the unseen Robin Hood of Metropolis. Then crooks swipe some suits, steal from the rich...and keep the loot.

Episode 5 - "Requiem for a Superhero"; Written by Robert Killebrew; Director: Randall Zisk; 10/17/93
Cyborgs vs. Superman. Lois and Clark go after a heavyweight story: corrupt fight promoters with a stable of bionic boxers. (And the doctor who created the humanoid machines for Lois's father!)

Episode 6 - "I've Got a Crush on You"; Written by Thania St. Jean; Director: Gene Reynolds; 10/24/93
Dressed in feathers, Lois goes onstage to investigate a series of nightclub arsons. But she's upstaged by the new bartender: Clark, who's determined to get the story and ice the arsonists.

Episode 7 - "Smart Kids"; Written by Dan Levine; Directed by Robert Singer; 10/31/93
With financial support from Lex Luthor, a mad scientist gives orphans an intelligence-boosting potion. But the kids escape...and use their cerebral powers to disrupt Metropolis.

Episode 8 - "The Green, Green Glow of Home"; Writer: Bryce Zabel; Director: Les Landau; 11/14/93
Lois and Clark investigate a suspicious EPA story in Smallville. But it isn't man-made toxins the feds are after - but a chunk of Kryptonite, the substance that can rob Superman of his powers or even his life.

Episode 9 - "The Man of Steel Bars"; Written by Paris Qualles; Directed by Robert Butler; 11/21/93
When Metropolis suffers a freak heat wave in the middle of winter, citizens blame Superman's powers. He decides to leave the city in order to save it...and leaves Lois to investigate the real heat source.

Episode 10 - "Pheramone, My Lovely"; Written by Deborah Joy LeVine; Director: Bill D'Elia; 11/28/93
A scheming chemist douses the Daily Planet staff with attraction-inducing perfume. The results: Jimmy pursues a model, Perry White falls for the cleaning woman, and Lois has the hots for Clark.

Episode 11 - "Honeymoon in Metropolis"; Written by Dan Levine; Director: James Contner; 12/12/93
Lois and Clark check into the honeymoon suite. No, it's not what you think. They're undercover, on the trail of a crooked Congressman and international arms dealer who threaten national security.

Episode 12 - "All Shook Up";
Teleplay by Bryce Zabel; Story by Jackson Gillis; Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala; 1/2/94
When Superman zooms into outer space to destroy an asteroid hurtling toward Earth, he gets a jolt and amnesia. Can he regain his memory and try again before a fragment of the asteroid strikes our planet?

Episode 13 - "Witness"; Written by Bradley Moore; Directed by Mel Domski; 1/8/94
What a scoop! An eccentric scientist is killed, and Lois is the only witness. But the murderer is determined that Lois won't live long enough to file her story.

Episode 14 - "Illusions of Grandeur"; Written by Thania St. John; Director: Michael Watkins; 1/23/94
Can Superman pull a rescue out of a hat? A kidnapper skilled in magic abducts children and demands ransom from their wealthy parents. Superman's on the job, until the magician hypnotizes the Man of Steel into believe wrong is right.

Episode 15 - "The Ides of Metropolis"; Written by Deborah Joy LeVine; Director: Philip Sgriccio; 2/6/94
Houseguests. Lois shares her apartment with a fugitive convicted murderer she believes is innocent. And Clark has a new roomie: Jonathan, who fears Martha is having an affair with a younger man.

Episode 16 - "Foundling"; Written by Dan Levine; Directed by Bill D'Elia; 2/20/94
A strange globe Clark took from the wreckage of his spacecraft begins to project messages from his father and mother on Krypton. Then a teenage thief steals the gobe...and sells it to Lex Luthor!

Episode 17 - "The Rival"; Writers: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson; Directed by Michael Watkins; 2/27/93
Suddenly The Metroplis Star is scooping the Daily Planet, and Star reporter Linda King is scooping her old rival in love and work, Lois Lane. While Lois has an emotional meltdown, Clark investigates how the Star always gets the story first.

Episode 18 - "Vatman";
Teleplay by H.B.Cobb and Deborah Joy LeVine; Story by H.B. Cobb; Directed by Randall Zisk; 3/13/94
Superman discovers there's a powerful new villain in town: Superman! Lex Luthor develops a Superman clone with all his powers and just one goal: destroy the real Man of Steel.

Episode 19 - "Fly Hard"; Written by Thania St. John; Directed by Philip Sgriccia; 3/27/94
No escape! The suspense mounts when terrorists take the Daily Planet crew plus Lex hostage. Clark can't use his super powers without revealing his identity...or putting the others in danger.

Episode 20 - "Barbarians at the Planet";
Written by Dan Levine & Deborah Joy LeVine; Directed by James Bagdonas; 5/1/94
At least she doesn't have to change the monagram on her towels. Lois agrees to be Lex Luthor's bride after the evil genius buys the Daily Planet...and even after Clark declares his love for her.

Episode 21 - "The House of Luthor";
Written by Dan Levine & Deborah Joy LeVine; Directed by Alan Levi; 5/8/94
While Lois plans for the Big Day, Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack use their investigative skills to find out what really caused the explosion at the Daily Planet.

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