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Lois & Clark Season 2 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1 - "Madame Ex"; Written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson; Directed by Randall Zisk; 9/18/94
Lex Luthor is ended...but the malady lingers on. His vengeful ex-wife uses psychology, plastic surgery and Kryptonite! - in a devious plat to vanquish Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Episode 2 - "Wall of Sound"; Written by John McNamara; Directed by Alan J. Levi; 9/25/94
A crook develops a sonic weapon that stuns citizens into slumberland. He even has a special frequency for Superman. Will Superman triumph, or is it time to say good night to the Man of Steel.

Episode 3 - "The Source"; Writers: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson; Director: John T. Kretchmer; 10/2/94
A timid technogeek blows the whistle on corporate corruption. Lois gets the story, then gets a bad case of the guilts when she can't protect the whistleblower from corporate goons.

Episode 4 - "The Prankster"; Written by Grant Rosenberg; Directed by James Hayman; 10/9/94
'Tis better to give than to receive. Lois accepts a series of booby-trapped gifts. The sender: an evil genius who spent five years in prisone, compliments of Lois' investigative reporting.

Episode 5 - "Church of Metropolis"; Written by John McNamara; Directed by Robert Singer; 10/23/94
Let us prey. Entrepreneur Bill Church hires local thugs to terrorize good neighborhoods so he can scoop up bargain-priced real estate as sites for his discount stores.

Episode 6 - "Operation Blackout"; Written by Kate Boutilier; Directed by Michael Watkins; 10/30/94
Where were you when the lights went out? A citywide blackout has Lois and Clark hunting for a culprit(and a motive) while the rest of the Daily Planet staff scrambles to publish sans technology.

Episode 7 - "That Old Gang of Mine";
Written by Gene Miller & Karen Kavner; Directed by Lorraine Senna Ferrara; 11/13/94
Scarface vs. Superman! A misguided scientist manipulates DNA to regenerate 1930s gangsters, including Al Capone - who decides he'd like to run Metropolis the way he did Chicago.

Episode 8 - "A Bolt from the Blue"; Writer: Kathy McCormick; Directed by Philip J. Syriccio; 11/20/94
A lightning strike gives a dumpy sad sack the same abilities Superman possesses. Garbed in a red suit and blue cape, the newly empowered Resplendent Man goes into the superhero biz - for a price.

Episode 9 - "Season's Greetings"; Written by Dean Cain; Directed by Randall Zisk; 12/4/94
God Rest Ye, Greedy Gentlemen. A fired, embittered toy maker devises a sinister toy that turns Metropolis's generous citizens into childish, gasping gift-grubbers just in time for Christmas.

Episode 10 - "Metallo"; Writers: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson; Directed by James H. Bagdonas; 1/1/95
Scientists turn Lucy Lane's new boyfriend, a loses with a rap sheet, into a cyborg criminal. This looks like a job for Superman - except the cyborg is powered by Kryptonite!

Episode 11 - "Chi of Steel"; Written by Hilary Bader; Director: James Hayman; 1/22/95
Superman, master of martial arts.A mysterious Chi warrior steals Perry White's life savings, which leads Lois and Clark into a confrontation with a corporation that exploits Chinese immigrants.

Episode 12 - "The Eyes Have It"; Teleplay by Kathy McCormick; Story by Kathy McCormick & Grant Rosenberg; Directed by Bill D'Elia; 2/5/95
Flying blind. A sceming optometrist develops an ultraviolet-ray device that renders Superman sightless. Then Lois is kidnapped - and Superman feels powerless to help her.

Episode 13 - "The Phoenix"; Written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson; Director: Philip Syriccia; 2/12/95
With a little help from his friends, Lex Luthor returns from the dead. But he wants more than just life, much more - wealth, power and former bride-to-be Lois Lane.

Episode 14 - "Top Copy"; Written by John McNamara; Directed by Randall Zisk; 2/19/95
"Clark Kent is Superman!" A hotshot television journalist, who's also an assassin for Intergang, discovers Clark's secret identity...and reveals it on nationwide TV.

Episode 15 - "Return of the Prankster"; Written by Grant Rosenberg; Director: Philip Sgriccio; 2/28/95
The Prankster and the president. Armed with a ray that temporarily freezes people, the Prankster breaks out of jail. His diabolical goal: kidnap the president and hold him for ransom.

Episode 16 - "Lucky Leon"; Written by Chris Ruppenthal; Directed by Jim Pohl; 3/12/95
Jimmy is arrested for murder, Superman is accused of stealing nuclear warheads and as assistant DA discovers Clark Kent's secret identity. But here's the big news: Lois and Clark share a first date...and a first kiss!

Episode 17 - "Resurrection";
Written by Gene Miller & Karen Kavner; Directed by Joseph L. Scanlan; 3/19/95
Searching for Assistant DA Mayson Drake's killer, Lois and Clark encounter a dark plot involving faked deaths, escape convicts and a hunky government, agent who finds Lois captivating.

Episode 18 - "Tempus Fugitive";
Written by Jack Weinstein & Lee Hutson; Directed by James Bagdonas; 3/26/95
H.G. Wells drops in - via his time machine - and gives Lois and Clark a glimpse of a surprising worl to come. Then they race to the past to save baby Superman from a deadly fugitive from the future.

Episode 19 - "Target: Jimmy Olsen";
Written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson; Directed by David S. Jackson; 4/2/95
The most dangerous man in Metropolis is Jimmy Olsen? Injected with a synthetic virus when he was an infant, Jimmy comes under the power of evildoers who transform him into a mind-controlled assassin.

Episode 20 - "Individual Responsibility";
Written by Chris Ruppenthal & Grant Rosenberg; Directed by Alan J. Levi; 4/16/95
Intergang kidnaps Perry White and is about to purchase the Daily Planet. But all Superman can manage is a bored ho-hum - newly discovered red kryptonite has sapped the Man of Steel's steely resolve.

Episode 21 - "White, Whine, Whine";
Written by Kathy McCormick & John McNamara; Directed by Michael Watkins; 5/14/95
Being a superhero seems like a poor career choice when Superman is sued by a man he saved. Lois is drawn to Agent Scardino because Clark keeps disappearing on their dates.

Episode 22 - "And the Answer Is...";
Written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson; Directed by Alan J. Levi; 5/21/95
A criminal kidnaps Jonathan and Martha and Lois risks her life to save them. In the aftermath of the ordeal, Clark realizes how much he loves Lois and finally asks "Will you marry me?"

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