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Lois & Clark Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1 - "We Have a Lot to Talk About";
Written by John McNamara; Directed by Philip J. Sgriccio; 9/17/95
Clark's marriage proposal doesn't get quite the response he hoped for. Lois is glad, sad...and mad!

Episode 2 - "Ordinary People";
Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner; Directed by Michael Watkins; 9/24/95
A deranged millionaire thinks his head would look great on Superman's physique.

Episode 3 - "Contact"; Written by Chris Ruppenthal; Directed by Daniel Attias; 10/1/95
Save the relationship or save the girl? When their romance endangers Lois, heartbroken Clark breaks up with her.

Episode 4 - "When Irish Eyes Are Killing";
Written by Grant Rosenberg; Directed by Winrich Kolbe; 10/15/95
Lover, come back. Lois uses an old beau to respark the flame with Clark. But the beau is using Lois, too

Episode 5 - "Just Say Noah";
Written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming; Directed by David S. Jackson; 10/22/95
THE DAILY PLANET's top reporters go undercover as Mr. and Mrs. to investigate a mysterious institute of love.

Episode 6 - "Don't Tug on Superman's Cape"; Writer: David Simkins; Director: Steven Dubin; 10/29/95
A wealthy Metropolis couple wants to add Superman to their collection of rarities.

Episode 7 - "Ultra Woman"; Writer: Gene O'Neill & Noreen Tobin; Director: Mike Vejar; 11/12/95
Scheming sisters zap Superman with red kryptonite, but the plot goes haywire when his powers transfer to Lois.

Episode 8 - "Chip Off the Old Clark";
Written by Michael Jamin & Sivert Glorum; Directed by Michael Watkins; 11/19/95
Superdad? Clark denies that a little boy is his lovechild. Then why can the tot pick up a sofa?

Episode 9 - "Super Mann"; Written by Chris Ruppenthal; Directed by James Bagdonas; 11/26/95
Superman battles revived World War II Nazis who seek world domination.

Episode 10 - "Virtually Destroyed";
Teleplay by Dean Cain; Story by Dean Cain & Sean Brennan; Directed by Jim Charleston; 12/10/95
Superman requires Jimmy's help to foil a computer genius.

Episode 11 - "Home Is Where the Hurt Is"; Teleplay by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner; Story by William M. Akers; Directed by Geoffrey Nottage; 12/17/95
INTERGANG has a Christmas present for Superman: a virus from Krypton that could destroy him.

Episode 12 - "Never on Sunday"; Written by Grant Rosenberg; Directed by Michael Lange; 1/7/96
Wedding plans take a back seat when a master of magic haunts Clark with bizarre visions.

Episode 13 - "The Dad Who Came In from the Cold";
Written by David Simkins; Directed by Alan J. Levi; 1/14/96
Jimmy thinks his estranged father is an engineer. Instead, he's a suave spy with a lethal agenda.

Episode 14 - "Tempus, Anyone?"; Written by John McNamara; Directed by Winrich Kolbe; 1/21/96
Lois dead? Clark engaged to his hometown sweetheart? An alternate reality seems all too real to Lois.

Episode 15 - "I Now Pronounce You..."; Written by Chris Ruppenthal; Directed by Jim Pohl; 2/11/96
Lois and Clark get married! Just a minute, Clark. Are you sure your beautiful bride really is Lois?

Episode 16 - "Double Jeopardy";
Written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross Leming; Directed by Chris Long; 2/25/96
While Lex Luthor woos the reall Lois, Clark spends his wedding night with her clone.

Episode 17 - "Seconds"; Teleplay by John McNamara; Story by Core Miller & Philip W. Chung; Directed by Alan J. Levi; 2/25/96
Lex's plot to win Lois could mean eternal amnesia for her and disaster for the citizens of Metropolis.

Episode 18 - "Forget Me Not"; Written by Grant Rosenberg; Directed by James Bagdonas; 3/10/96
Hoping to regain her memory, Lois enters a clinic where patients die at an alarmingly rapid rate.

Episode 19 - "Oedipus Wrecks"; Written by Daivd Simkins; Directed by Kenn Michael Fuller; 3/24/96
As work partners only, Lois and Clark track down a mind-altering machine.

Episode 20 - "It's a Small World After All";
Teleplay by Teri Hatcher & Pat Hazell; Story by Teri Hatcher; Directed by Philip Sgriccio; 4/28/96
High school reeked - at least for one of Lois old classmates, who hatches a diabolical plan for revenge.

Episode 21 - "Through a Glass, Darkly"; Written by Chris Ruppenthal; Directed by Chris Long; 5/5/96
The Krypton connection. Alien visitors with a secret objective create chaos for Superman.

Episode 22 - "Big Girls Don't Fly";
Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner; Directed by Philip Sgriccio; 5/12/96
Krypton is in peril, but to save his home planet Superman must forsake friends, family and Lois.

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