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Episode 317 Spoilers: Cold Wars; 2/23/2009
2/22/09: We'll find out more about Angela's involvement in Nathan's scheme. From Behind the Eclipse Week 13 CBR Article
2/22/09: We'll find out how HRG got involved with Nathan and the Hunter. From Behind the Eclipse Week 13 CBR Article
2/14/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

HRG is unconscious and Suresh is checking on him. Peter looks to be trying to calm Matt who is upset.
[Matt was supposed to be "darker" probably because he thinks Daphne is dead.]

Tracy seems shaken by something she's looking at.
[Was her hostage taken out by The Hunter?]

Peter checks to see if they have any company yet.

Matt looks a bit calmer here as he sits across from HGR.
[It's clear they've taken HGR to a hotel room
and it looks as though Matt is probing an unconscious or drugged HGR.]

2/1/09: Claire's mother Sandra appears. From NBC
2/1/09: While being held hostage, HRG is subjected to Matt Parkman's unique brand of interrogation, revealing how he became involved with Nathan's government plot to capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Matt's discoveries bring Peter face-to-face with "The Hunter" (guest star Zeljko Ivanek). From NBC
12/7/08: The episodes features "a kidnapping and mental interrogation" and is described as "a psychological thriller." From The HRG Files
12/7/08: Added episode title. From The HRG Files

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