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Heroes Season 1 Episode Summaries
Volume 1: "Genesis"

Episode 1: Genesis; Written by Tim Kring; Directed by David Semel; 9/25/2006
A geneticist travels from India to New York to continue his dead father's research involving seemingly ordinary people with superpowers. At the same, a male nurse dreams he can fly, and a high-school cheerleader discovers that she's physically indestructible. Meanwhile, in Japan, a sci-fi geek develops teleporting abilities.

Episode 2: Don't Look Back; Written by Tim Kring; Directed by Allen Arkush; 10/2/2006
Peter questions his own sanity. A confused Niki tries to cover her tracks. Mohinder opens up to a woman who knew his late father. Hiro discovers he's a character in a comic book written by Isaac. Claire runs into trouble keeping her special powers under wraps.

Episode 3: One Giant Leap; Written by Jeph Loeb; Directed by Greg Beeman; 10/9/2006
Hiro sets about proving to Ando that he is meant to save the world. Matt is questioned by FBI agent Audrey Hanson about suspected serial killer Sylar, who Mohinder learns had a connection with his dead father. Peter marvels at his newfound ability to fly, while Nathan makes a calculated move to keep the truth from the press. Also, Claire's attempt to maintain normalcy in her life proves difficult. Niki visits Micah's paternal grandmother. Isaac pushes Simone away.

Episode 4: Collision; Written by Bryan Fuller; Directed by Ernest Dickerson; 10/16/2006
Hiro takes a gamble in Las Vegas. At the same time that Nathan goes to Sin City to hit the mysterious Mr. Linderman up for a campaign contribution. Niki discovers how her creditors plan to collect what she owes them. Also, Peter tells a skeptical Mohinder about his special powers. Claire deals with the aftermath of the traumatic bonfire incident. Matt is held against his will.

Episode 5: Hiros; Written by Michael Green; Directed by Paul Shapiro; 10/23/2006
Hiro sends Peter a message from the future that involves Claire. In the present, Hiro befriends Nathan after seeing him fly. Elsewhere, Claire and Brody are taken to a hospital following the car crash. Matt's relationship with his wife, Janice, benefits from his mind-reading abilities. Niki wakes up confused after her one-night stand with Nathan.

Episode 6: Better Halves; Written by Natalie Chaidez; Directed by Greg Beeman; 10/30/2006
D.L. Hawkins, Niki's fugitive husband, who has special powers that make it nearly impossible for authorities to track him down returns to Niki and Micah's life. Also, in Las Vegas, Hiro and Ando are made an offer they can't refuse. Claire hopes meeting her birth parents will lead to answers about her indestructibility. Mohinder prepares to leave New York---and Eden---so that he can lay his dead father to rest in India.

Episode 7: Nothing to Hide; Written by Jesse Alexander; Directed by Donna Deitch; 11/6/2008
Simone seeks comfort from Peter following her father's death. Nathan receives campaign help from his wife, Heidi. Niki reveals her personal struggles to a friend. Matt finds himself immersed in the investigation of another bizarre murder, which Audrey believes Sylar committed; Hiro unknowingly encounters another "hero." Claire's tape is her brother.

Episode 8: Seven Minutes to Midnight; Written by Tim Kring; Directed by Paul Edwards; 11/13/2006
Mohinder considers his future while dreaming about his past; Hiro meets a waitress named Charlie, who demonstrates a knack for memorization. Matt uses his mind-reading abilities when interrogating the radioactive man, and finds they have some things in common. Eden and Horn-Rimmed Glasses "help" Isaac with his paintings of the future. Claire focuses her attention on homecoming preparations, blissfully unaware of what the future has in store for her.

Episode 9: Homecoming; Written by Adam Armus & Kay Foster; Directed by Greg Beeman; 11/20/2006
Claire's high-school homecoming turns into an event marked by tragedy and change. Also, Nathan locates the painting Peter needs to "save the cheerleader, save the world." A boy with a special gift draws Mohinder back to his father's research. Micah makes a daring move to help Niki, while Jessica hunts for D.L. Ando waits for Hiro to return from his mission to rescue Charlie.

Episode 10: Six Months Ago; Written by Aron Coleite; Directed by Allan Arkush; 11/27/2006
The past is revisited as the clock turns back six months to when Chandra Suresh began contacting people who may possess extraordinary abilities, including a frustrated watchmaker. At the same time, Nathan considers prosecuting his father's friend Linderman. Niki's life is complicated by a visit from her mostly absent dad. Hiro's mission to save Charlie doesn't go as expected. Horn-Rimmed Glasses offers to give Eden's life purpose.

Episode 11: Fallout; Written by Joe Pokaski; Directed by John Badham; 12/4/2006
The heroes struggle to come to terms with the Texas tragedy. More is learned about the nuclear bombing predicted in Isaac's painting. Matt and Audrey pursue a new lead in their hunt for Sylar. Niki makes a difficult decision, which will allow her to keep her family safe.

Episode 12: Godsend; Written by Tim Kring; Directed by Paul Shapiro; 1/22/2007
A new hero arrives on the scene. Nathan and Simone try to help Peter, who has been comatose for two weeks. Hiro goes on a quest to find the samurai sword seen in Isaac's painting. Also, Horn-Rimmed Glasses concentrates his efforts on taking care of Sylar. Claire struggles to come to terms with the fact that she has been living a lie. Niki is held and questioned by police.

Episode 13: The Fix; Written by Natalie Chaidez; Directed by Terrence O'Hara; 1/29/2007
Hiro is abducted by mysterious thugs before he can leave New York. Claire decides to search for her birth parents. D.L. works to deal with his family duties. Claude reluctantly agrees to help Peter with his powers.

Episode 14: Distractions; Written by Michael Green; Directed by Jeannot Szwarc; 2/5/2007
Hiro tries to explain his new life direction to his unsympathetic father and sister. Niki tries to connect with D.L. and Micah. Peter gets another lesson in harnessing his power. Claire's search for her birth mother leads her to a Texas trailer park.

Episode 15: Run!; Written by Adam Armus & Kay Foster; Directed by Roxann Dawson; 2/15/2007
Matt takes a job as a bodyguard, which puts him in an assassin's line of fire; Hiro returns to Las Vegas to get the sword; Mohinder locates another from the list, who actually wants to meet with him.

Episode 16: Unexpected; Written by Jeph Loeb; Directed by Greg Beeman; 2/19/2007
Peter is disappointed by a betrayal; Claire can't contain her anger toward her father; Matt loses control when radioactive refugee Ted Sprague (Matthew John Armstrong) shows up with a new hero (Stana Katic) who has "wireless" mental powers.

Episode 17: Company Man; Written by Bryan Fuller; Directed by Allan Arkush; 2/26/2007
The Bennets are taken hostage by Matt and Ted Sprague, which leads to a tragic showdown---and some insight into Mr. Bennet's mysterious past.

Episode 18: Parasite; Written by Christopher Zatta; Directed by Kevin Bray; 3/5/2007
Nathan meets Linderman in person just before the election; Hiro goes for the sword again with dire consequences. Suresh makes a breakthrough on "the list." Another person with powers, Candice Wilmer, shows up.

Episode 19: .07%; Written by Chuck Kim; Directed by Adam Kane; 4/23/2007
Sylar confronts two more on the list. Nathan considers Linderman's advice as he faces difficult decisions. Thompson hunts for Claire. Hiro renews his vow to save the world.

Episode 20: Five Years Gone; Written by Joe Pokaski; Directed by Paul Edwards; 4/20/2007
Hiro is disturbed by the grim future he discovers where those with special abilities are hunted and considered threats to society. He attempts to return to his own time, but is caught up in a battle that involves a host of new and oddly familiar faces.

Episode 21: The Hard Part; Written by Aron Coleite; Directed by John Badham; 5/7/2007
Hiro and Ando are even more determined to save the world after seeing the grim future. Nathan takes steps to win the election. Thompson brings someone new into the organization. Sylar visits his mom.

Episode 22: Landslide; Written by Jesse Alexander; Directed by Greg Beeman; 5/14/2007
Nathan weighs his mother's advice against plans by Linderman. Hiro gets some family information as he prepares to face Sylar. Peter and Ted try to leave New York to avoid the explosion.

Episode 23: How to Stop an Exploding Man; Written by Tim Kring; Directed by Allan Arkush; 5/21/2007
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