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Heroes Season 3 Episode Summaries
Volume 4: "Fugitives"

Episode 14: Clear and Present Danger; 2/2/2009
Months after explosions brought down Pinehurst and Primatech, our Heroes try to put the past behind them and begin new lives. Now powerless, Hiro tries to train a reluctant Ando to be a true superhero. Suresh returns to life as a taxi driver, Peter is back to saving lives, and Daphne and Matt try to live as a normal couple. Claire's attempt to live a regular life is cut short when she uncovers a deadly plot orchestrated by Nathan to track down and capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Sylar begins the search for his real parents.

Episode 15: Truth and Blood; 2/9/2009
Following a chain of unexpected events, our Heroes are on the run from their latest adversary and one of their own, Nathan Petrelli. After Matt paints a series of prophetic images, the tragic fate of someone close to him is revealed. Elsewhere, Sylar continues his search for his father and encounters a young outcast (guest star Dan Byrd) with information and an ability of his own.

Episode 16: Building 26; 2/16/2009
Nathan's plans face exposure as Homeland Security begins an investigation under direct orders from the President of the United States. Sylar and Luke (guest Dan Byrd) embark on a road trip to find Sylar's father, but are secretly being hunted by Nathan's agents. Life gets complicated for the Bennet family as Claire goes into action to protect a young man with abilities (guest star Justin Baldoni) from being captured by HRG. Elsewhere, Matt's prophetic images lead Hiro and Ando to India and a mysterious ally comes to the aid of our Heroes.

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