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Popeye the Sailor Volume 3 Description from WHV:
He may be rough and rugged, but unlikely hero Popeye the Sailor still garners countless fans nearly 80 years after his television debut. This unpretentious underdog makes his way back into the hearts of Popeye enthusiasts as Warner Home Video (WHV), Hearst Entertainment and King Features Syndicate release Popeye The Sailor 1941-1943 Volume 3.

Popeye the Sailor was one of the most endearing and successful characters in animation history with a unique way of speaking, muscular forearms and ever-present corncob pipe. His strange, humorous and often supernatural adventures take him all over the world and place him in conflict with enemies such as the Sea Hag and Bluto.

Popeye The Sailor 1941-1943 Volume 3 includes 32 (7-10 min.) original re-mastered and unedited theatrical black & white shorts on a 2-disc DVD collectable set. We find loveable Popeye is always ' strong to the finish, 'cause he eats all his spinach!' when protecting his sweetie Olive Oyl, from Bluto, the local goon. This volume is an authorized edition from the original masters and includes loads of interviews and never-before-seen special features.

About King Features Syndicate:
King Features Syndicate is a member of Hearst Entertainment and Syndication Group, which combines Hearst Corporation's cable network partnerships, television programming activities, and newspaper syndication and merchandise licensing operations. King Features is the world's premier distributor of comics, columns, editorial cartoons, puzzles and games, distributing some 150 features in print and online to nearly 5,000 newspapers around the globe. It is one of the largest and most experienced organizations in merchandise licensing and entertainment. Among its most beloved and successful classic characters are "Popeye," "Betty Boop," "Blondie," "Dennis the Menace" and "Flash Gordon." In recent years, the company has diversified and now represents properties such as the trendy apparel and accessory brand, "David & Goliath"; famed artists Sandra Boynton and Romero Britto; the publicly displayed, life-size art sculptures "GuitarMania" and "The Trail of Painted Ponies"; the conscientious-living brand, "Mutts"; and "SeeMore's Playhouse," the Emmy® Award-winning children's safety series for public television.

Comments from The Patriot Resource:
Popeye the Sailor dates back more than seventy years to the early days of animation. Popeye the Sailor managed to be a hero even as he was rough-edged and very much a common man. Popeye was very much a moralist, but also suffers from the common prejudices of that time which have not been sanitized or omitted for this release. Even though this third volume doesn't have quite the number of extras that the previous two volumes had, there is a still a generous dose of extras. Between the complete and unedited compilation of shorts and the nice collection of extras, this fully authorized volume is well worth being a part of any fan of this classic cartoon.

Popeye the Sailor (1941-1943) Volume 3 DVD Details:
Disk 1:
Problem Pappy
Quiet! Pleeze
Olive's Sweepstake Ticket
Flies Ain't Human
Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle
Olive's Boithday Presink
Child Psykolojiky
Pest Pilot
I'll Never Crow Again
The Might Navy
Nix on Hypnotricks
Kickin' the Conga Round
Blunder Below
Fleets of Stren'th
Pip-Eye, Pup-Eye, Poop-Eye An' Peep-Eye
Olive Oyl and Water Don't Mix
Disc 2:
Many Tanks
Baby Wants A Bottleship
you're a Sap, Mr. Jap
Alona on the Sarong Seas
A Hull of Mess
Scrap the Japs
Me Musical Nephews
Spinach Fer Britain
Seein' Red, White 'N' Blue
Too Weak To Work
A Jolly Good Furlough
Ration Fer the Duration
The Hungry Goat
Happy Birthdaze
Cartoons Ain't Human
Bonus Features:
— Conversation about "Problem Pappy" and "Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle" with Historian Jerry Beck and Steven Waldman, Son of Director/Animator Myron Waldman
— Audio Commentary on "The Mighty Navy" by Historian Jerry Beck and Director Bob Jaques
— Audio Commentary on "Me Musical Nephews" by Directors John Kricfalusi and Eddie Fitzgerald
and Cartoonist Kali Fontecchio
— Audio Commentary on "Seein' Red, White 'N' Blue" by Animator Mart Kausler
— Audio Commentary on "Too Weak To Work" by Director Bob Jacques
— Audio Commentary on "The Hungry Goat" by Historian Jerry Beck
— Popeye Popumentary: Directing the Sailor - The Art of Myron Waldman
— Popeye Popumentary: Popeye - The Mighty Ensign
— Popeye Popumentary: Pip-Eye, Pup-eye, Poop-eye An' Peep-Eye - Chips Off the Old Salt
— Retrospective Documentary: Forging the Frame - The Roots of Animation
— From the Vault: Out of the Inkwell Short - "The Clown's Little Brother" (1920)
— From the Vault: Out of the Inkwell Short - "The Cartoon Factory" (1926)
— From the Vault: Out of the Inkwell Short - "Koko Needles the Boss" (1927)
— From the Vault: Out of the Inkwell Short - "The Clown's Little Brother" (1920)
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