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The Lord of the Rings Characters: Middle Earth Travels of Aragorn
In The Fellowship of the Ring

Middle Earth locales visited by Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring by order of travel:
In the North:
- Bree
- Prancing Pony
- Chetwood Forest
- Midgewater Marsh
- Weathertop
- Troll Camp

- Shards of Narsil
- Council of Elrond
- Gilraen's Grave

Pass of Caradhras

- Hollin Gate
- Dwarrowdelf
- Balin's Tomb
- Bridge of Khazad-dûm
- Dimrill Dale

- Cerin Amroth
- Caras Galadon
- Silverlode River
Along the River Anduin:
- Argonath
- Nen Hithoel
- Parth Galen
- Amon Hen

Aragorn meets the Hobbits in Bree. He then leads them through the North to Weathertop where he fights off the Nazgûl but not before Frodo is wounded by the Witchking with a Morgul Blade. He is met by Arwen near the Troll Camp. He leads the rest of the Hobbits to Rivendell. He meets Boromir at the Shrine of the Shards of Narsil. He pledges himself to Frodo's side at the Council of Elrond and then visits his mother's Memorial. He follows Gandalf to the Pass of Caradhras and then into Moria. After Gandalf falls at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, he leads the Fellowship to Lothlórien. He then leads them down the River Anduin and battles the Uruk-hai at Amon Hen.

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