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Portrayed by: Viggo Mortensen

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Aragorn In The Two Towers:
Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas track the Uruk-hai who are bringing Merry and Pippin back to Saruman. Aragorn finds Pippin's Elven broach in the Eastemnet Gullies. They enter the land of Rohan. On the Plains of Rohan, they encounter Éomer leading a force of Rohirrim (Men of Rohan) on horseback. He tells them that they wiped out a force of Uruk-hai the night before. He also warns them of the White Wizard who is roaming near Fangorn Forest. Éomer then gives Aragorn a horse named Brego and another horse for Gimli and Legolas to use.

Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas ride on to the site of the skirmish, where the Rohirrim piled the bodies of the Uruk-hai. Aragorn despairs after finding one of the Elven belts until he finds a trail made by the Hobbits that goes into Fangorn Forest. While in the forest, they encounter the White Wizard, who turns out to be Gandalf. He tells them that Merry and Pippin are fine and tells them of how he finally defeated the Balrog. Gandalf then leads them to Edoras, home of the King of Rohan. At Edoras, Aragorn meets Eowyn, niece to King Théoden. She is a warrior-maiden and a kindred spirit.

After King Théoden ignores Aragorn's advice and chooses to lead his people from Edoras to the mountain refuge at Helm's Deep, he promises Gandalf that the defenses will hold. On the way to Helm's Deep, Eowyn asks Aragorn about the necklace that he wears. Aragorn flashes back to Rivendell when he attempted to return the necklace to Arwen after he had spoken with her father, Elrond. Arwen had been upset by the gesture, but refused to accept it.

While helping fight off Saruman's Wargs near the White Mountains, Aragorn is first wounded and then dragged off a cliff into the river below. Brego, his horse, finds him and he rides to Helm's Deep after catching sight of the huge army of Uruk-hai that is on its way. Aragorn reports what he has seen to King Théoden and then has words with Legolas, who finds the situation hopeless. Later that day, Aragorn gratefully welcomes Haldir, who is leading a force of Elves sent by Elrond to join the Men of Rohan.

When the Uruk-hai arrive, Aragorn commands the defense of the Deeping Wall until the wall is breached. After the wall is blown up and breached, he attempts to come to Haldir's aid, but arrives too late. When the gates of Hornburg are shattered, he and Gimli slip outside and clear the causeway of Uruk-hai so that the gates can be shored up. Just as daybreak is coming and King Théoden has given up because the deep itself has been breached for the first time ever, Aragorn convinces him to send the women and children into the caves, while the Men ride out in one last charge. Legolas apologizes to Aragorn. As Aragorn and King Théoden charge down the causeway head-on into the Uruk-hai army, Gandalf arrives with Éomer and three thousand Rohirrim who turn the tide.

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