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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 18 & 19:
Daniel has the Holoband engaged.

In the darkened virtual chamber, Zoe-A asks if Daniel thinks the download will work. His answer is, "This is what I do." Zoe-A admits that there's a part of her that doesn't want it to work because she doesn't want to be on Caprica. Daniel is surprised. Zoe-A explains that it's never been her home and it stopped being Zoe's home "a long time ago." Daniel scoffs at that notion. Zoe-A clues him in that Zoe wasn't just cutting school and that she was on that train because she was heading to Gemenon because she had found god. Daniel doesn't want to hear it and says they'll talk about it later. Zoe-A says that he never wanted to list and that he and Amanda's "arrogance was killing your daughter." She ends by saying that is how they lost her, not to a bomb. Zoe-A then walks off.

Daniel takes off the Holoband.

Daniel moves to the console, which indicates that the download is complete. He takes the MCP from the cradle, walks over to the Cylon and loads the MCP in. The Cylon powers up. Daniel walks back to the console. He notices something about the Cylon and gets up again. The Cylon starts to move its head, then its limbs and its body as if its checking itself. The Cylon attempts to speak and it resolves to Zoe's voice calling him, "daddy." The Cylon (Zoe-R) steps toward him. Daniel is ecstatic. Suddenly an alarm sounds and the Cylon collapses.

The status monitors suddenly report, "System Warning: Data Stream Unstable." Daniel runs back to the console, but it's too late. "System Error. Data Loss. Irrecoverable Error." Daniel puts the Holoband back on and activates it.

In the darkened virtual chamber, Daniel calls Zoe-A, but she's not there. Daniel grieves that he's lost his daughter again.

Joseph finds William in his bedroom reading. Joseph walks in and sits on the edge of the bed. He tells William that they are starting over. He says that they'll survive "this." He says that "Mommy" and Tamara are not coming back so they have to "honor them by continuing to live as best we can." Joseph then tells William that they come from a "long, proud line of Tauron peasants." He points out that William was named every his grandfather, who was killed during the Tauron uprising. Lastly, Joseph says that their name isn't Adams, but Adama. He hugs William.

At the testing arena at Graystone Industries, the U-87 robot (Cylon) stands ready for another test. This time, it's armed with live ammunition and methodically tracks and destroys several robots. The last one is disabled. The Cylon looks up at Daniel who gives a subtle nod. The Cylon finishes off the last robot. It then reports, "All targets neutralized. Program completed by your command.

Up in the observation room, Defense Minister Joan Leyte tells Daniel that he's secured a long term contract. She then adds that the Vergis Corporation has made accusations. Xander points out that if they had a case, they'd already have Graystone Industries in court. She then adds that it was never their intention to take the contract off-world, especially since she's found that Taurons can never be trusted. She starts to walk away, but turns and asks him what he called it. Daniel answers, "Cybernetic life-form node. Cylon." She then leaves. Xander points out that they pulled it off, but Daniel is disappointed nonetheless.

The Cylon lays on a table in a secure room at Graystone Industries. It comes to life, sits up and then climbs off the table. It walks over and looks at its reflection in another table.

In her bedroom, Lacy answers her phone. Lacy hears Zoe's voice.

Back in the secure room, the Cylon (Zoe-R) speaks with Zoe's voice. She says, "I'm here, and I think I'm gonna need your help."

Lacy is speechless.

One last shot of the Cylon/Zoe-R.

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