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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 13 & 14:
Daniel leads Joseph and William into his house. William is impressed by the size of the house. Daniel figures that William would like to see the game room. William looks to his father for approval and then affirms the offer. Daniel directs Serge to take William to the game room. As William follows Serge, the two men head the other way.

Daniel and Joseph walk downstairs to Daniel's laboratory. Daniel punches in commands into the console and grabs a Holoband. Joseph indicates that he's never used it, but Daniel asks him to "indulge me." Daniel has him step into the chamber so he can be scanned to construct an avatar. Daniel then places a Holoband on his head. Daniel says that it'll feel real, but it's all virtual. Daniel then executes the program.

Daniel and Joseph find themselves in a spartan room with a door in the center of the room. Joseph adjusts to the virtual environment as Daniel explains that they are in a simple computer program. He leads them through the door.

Daniel and Joseph enter a darkened chamber. Zoe-A emerges from the darkness and she wants to know what he's doing. He says that he's working. He then introduces Joseph to his daughter. Joseph walks around her and looks at her. She finally says, "Boo," which stuns Joseph.

In Daniel's lab, Joseph pulls off the Holoband. He wants to know what Daniel is doing. Daniel says that he didn't do it and that it was Zoe. Joseph points out that it's not really Zoe and their daughters are gone. Daniel points out that the brain is a database and a processor. He continues that Zoe figured out how to harness that information and use a search engine as "a way to cheat death." Joseph counters that she's an illusion. Daniel agrees, but says that she's a perfect copy and that means that it makes no difference. Daniel goes so far as to suggest the possibility that her soul was copied. Joseph is incredulous and firmly believes a soul can't be copied. Daniel counters that he knows that she's his daughter. He says that the only difference is that Zoe lived in the real world and Zoe-A lives in a virtual one. Now he wants to bring her to the real world. He even references Joseph's flowers in his plea.

After letting that sink in for a moment, Daniel then gets to the point in that he needs a piece of equipment in order to make it happen. Joseph realizes he's talking about a robot. Daniel corrects him "cybernetic life-form node." Joseph says that it's still a machine. Daniel counters that those are surface matters and it "matters what's on the inside." Daniel says that he needs a Meta-Cognitive Processor and the only one is owned by the Vergis Corporation. Daniel points out that he knows about Joseph's connection to the Ha'la'tha and also the sense of loss that Joseph is carrying. He promises that he can bring Tamara back for Joseph. Joseph tries to leave, but Daniel is very persuasive pointing out that Joseph will always wonder if he missed an opportunity. Daniel says that if he's wrong, then Joseph can have him killed, but it's worth a try.

Daniel wakes up Amanda for breakfast in bed. He starts to leave and she tells him that she misses him. Daniel comes back to the bedside and says that they can make it. He then gives her a kiss.

Joseph meets with Sam by a city fountain. He says that he needs a favor and that it is stealing something from the Vergis Corporation. Sam points out that Tomas Vergis is a good friend of the Guatrau's, so Joseph offers to deliver the Guatrau's message to the Minister of Defense. Sam asks Joseph if he's sure that he wants to cross his self-imposed moral boundary with this. Joseph just looks back at him.

Joseph sits in Minister Chambers' office. Chambers and Joseph verbally spar over the message that Joseph has delivered. Chambers then says that he doesn't like him, the Guatrau, the Tauron people or the planet. He further says that he won't be "pressured or blackmailed" and goes so far as to say that the government will take a special interest in the Guatrau and his business. Joseph gives him a chance to "sleep on it," but Chambers wants him to deliver the message "word for word." Joseph gets up to leave, bids Chambers farewell and heads for the door. As Joseph leaves his office, Chambers says that he's not going anywhere punctuating it with one last insult.

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