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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 11 & 12:
In the VIP room at the V-club, Zoe-A tells a story about an accident she had as a child where Daniel took her to the emergency room. Daniel is surprised at the level of detail for "such a small memory." He theorizes that Zoe could have found a way to "translate synaptic records into usable data," which Zoe-A affirms. He then points out that a person is more than just usable data and that she's just a copy. Zoe-A says that she doesn't feel like a copy. He asks her if he can hold her. She gets up, walks over and they hug. Daniel cries.

In Zoe's room, Daniel can be seen taking out a flash drive and links it to the computer sheet.

In the V-club, Lacy recognizes that something is going on and asks what he's doing to Zoe-A. Zoe-A starts to derezz and tries to pull away, but he holds on. After another moment, he lets go and Zoe-A runs off.

Back in Zoe's room, Daniel takes his Holoband off and then takes off Lacy's. After she asks what he did, he explains that he "captured the code that Zoe used to create the avatar." She wants to know why, but he says that it's time for her to leave.

Lacy walks out the front door as Daniel watches. Once she's outside, Daniel tells Serge that Lacy's access has been cancelled.

At the Athena Academy, Lacy enters Sister Clarice's office. Sister Clarice introduces Agent Duram who has some questions for Lacy. He asks her to sit down. He asks her about Ben and says that Ben has been linked to the bombing and asks Lacy if she knew of his involvement with the Soldiers of the One. Sister Clarice interrupts to say that Ben was a "good and decent boy." Duram ignores her and asks Lacy again. Lacy says, "No." Duram then asks about Zoe and the Soldiers of the One. Lacy looks at him, over at Sister Clarice and then back at him again before getting up and leaving.

Duram stands up and watches Lacy leave. Sister Clarice says that Lacy has just had a "traumatic" experience. Duram then asks about the Athenian Academy's stance on monotheism. Sister Clarice says that it "is dedicated to following the path of the Gods, the goddess Athena being our patroness." She then adds that they are open to all beliefs, which Duram finds "very tolerant." He then asks how many students are monotheists, which she deflects as a privacy issue. Duram wonders if it concerns Sister Clarice that the monotheists hold such an absolutist view of the universe and believe in a single being whose "judgment cannot be questioned" and in whose name terrible acts have been committed. She wonders how he knows so much about them. He says, "Know your enemy." Sister Clarice counters, "Love your enemy." Duram leaves.

Agent Duram walks down the hallway past Lacy who is hiding in an alcove.

The Pyramid game ends and the Caprica Buccaneers are booed as they leave the court.

Daniel, Joseph and William leave their seats. Joseph points out that he should have remembered that Daniel owned the team. Daniel asks William what he thought and William says, "I think Jenkins tanked the game."

In the locker room, Daniel talks to Jenkins. He introduces William to Jenkins. They banter for a bit and then Daniel says that he wants to talk to Joseph while William "hangs out with the team."

Outside the locker room, Joseph says that he saw William smile for the first time since the bombing and thanks Daniel. Daniel asks Joseph how he's doing. Joseph responds that Taurons are a stoic people. Daniel then asks Jospeh what he would do if he had the chance to be with his daughter again. Joseph doesn't respond and Daniel tries to brush the question off. Joseph says that he just hadn't thought about it. Joseph says that his parents were killed in the Tauron civil war and that he and his brother had been brought to Caprica as orphans. While they were being driven to the orphanage, he remembered a field of wildflowers because there are no flowers on Tauron. He says that it was so beautiful that he cried, which was the first and last time that he did so. He then says that he'd tell Tamara to find things that "make you cry" and "make you feel" because that's what makes you human.

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