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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 15, 16 & 17:
Amanda sleeps. Daniel climbs into bed with her. They begin to kiss.

Joseph sits in his apartment, looking at a digital photo album that includes pictures of his wife and daughter.

Sam walks up a darkened stairwell.

Amanda rolls on top of Daniel as they continue to kiss.

Joseph gazes at a particular picture of his wife and daughter.

Sam walks into a bedroom, takes out two knives and gaze down at someone sleeping.

Amanda and Daniel continue making love.

Minister Chambers wakes up to find Sam beside his bed. Sam cuts his throat. As he bleeds, Sam tells him in Tauronese to never turn his back on a friend. He then stabs Chambers with both knives.

Amanda and Daniel switch positions and kiss.

Joseph starts to cry.

Sam pulls the knives out.

Amanda and Daniel continue.

Joseph cries.

Amanda and Daniel cuddle.

Lacy walks into an empty study. She gazes at the table.

Lacy sits at the table studying. Ben and Zoe walk in and Zoe happily greets Lacy. Lacy points out that she waited for Zoe at the club for two hours. Zoe realizes that she hasn't been much of a friend lately. She looks at Ben for a moment and then tells Lacy that she's found something that changed her life. She asks Lacy to come to a prayer meeting, which Lacy scoffs at. Ben points out that she prays but her gods don't answer and that she goes to the V-club for "sex and sin, but it doesn't fill the void in your soul." Zoe continues, "There is truth in the world. There is a right and there is a wrong. And there is a god, a god who knows the difference."

Lacy sniffles as she finishes telling Sister Clarice about all of it. Sister Clarice tells her that that it was good that Lacy told her. Lacy takes a drink of water as Sister Clarice stands up and moves around her desk to come near Lacy. She says that she once felt the same way, but not anymore. She reaches down and uses the water ring from the glass to draw an infinity symbol. Lacy is surprised. She starts crying as Sister Clarice holds her.

After a moment, Lacy concludes that Ben did have something to do with the bombing and that he was the terrorist. Sister Clarice explains that such labels are applied by a corrupt and decadent culture. Ben wanted to "strike against" that and he did "something premature, something unauthorized." She adds that blowing up the train was not evil, but rather he was fighting evil. Lacy looks at her and asks, "And Zoe?" Sister Clarice says that she was special to them and adds, "Or is." They embrace again.

Down in his laboratory, Daniel takes out the MCP as Joseph looks on. Daniel is impressed with Vergis' design as he looks it over. He puts the MCP back up and in response to Joseph's query, he says that he know if it really works until he puts it in a cybernetic body and tries to download Zoe's avatar, which will take him two or three days. He then tells Joseph that Tamara's avatar is ready. He had used Zoe's original program to download all data on Tamara. Joseph says that he wants to see Tamara.

Joseph activates the Holoband as Daniel looks on.

Joseph is in the darkened virtual room. He calls Tamara. Tamara appears. They hug. Tamara is upset. Even as Joseph tries to reassure her, she says that it's all wrong. He says that they can be a family again, but she hysterical because she can't remember how she got there and that it doesn't feel real. She notices that her heart isn't beating. Joseph finally can't take it anymore.

Joseph pulls off the Holoband. He turns to Daniel and says that she was upset. Daniel says that she'll adjust. Joseph doesn't want that that. He says that it's not natural. Daniel tries to rationalize by pointing out that glasses, artificial limbs and organs aren't natural either. Daniel realizes that Joseph is actually talking about only the gods having power over death. Daniel says, "I reject that notion" and guesses that Joseph doesn't really either. Daniel starts his pitch again about having their daughters back, not to mention William having his mother back. This time, Joseph isn't buying it. He says that Joseph isn't right and out of his mind. He then heads up the stairs.

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