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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 3 & 4:
The palatial Graystone estate sits on the shoreline at the base of a mountainside.

Zoe walks out of the house and gets into the car where her mother is waiting. They look at each other, but say nothing. Zoe then looks back at the house as they drive off.

Amanda drives up to the school and Zoe climbs out. As other students walk inside, Lacy waits by the steps. They wait until Amanda drives off and then run the other way away from school.

As they pass a tree, Ben appears with three backpacks, two of which he hands to Zoe and Lacy.

As the three ride an escalator down to the train station, Lacy looks tentative. Zoe asks Ben if he has the passports. He's caught off-guard by the question and after a moment, he says that he does.

As Zoe looks excited, a woman just in front of them answers her cellphone. It's Shannon Adams. She's talking to her husband Joseph Adams. He says he'll be home around seven and she reminds him that William's birthday party will be at seven-thirty. Her daughter Tamara takes the phone as Joseph can be seen walking along the street. She is insistent that her father be there by seven. She puts her mother back on just as the reception breaks up. Joseph has something to tell her, but the reception is completely gone and static fills the phone.

Shannon Adams, Tamara Adams, Zoe Graystone and Ben walk onto the platform. Lacy is hanging back and Zoe tells her to hurry.

The Lev comes to a stop at the platform.

Ben and Zoe board the train. Lacy says that she can't. Zoe tries to encourage her and tell her that it'll be alright on Gemenon. Lacy apologizes as the door closes.

Lacy stands alone on the platform as the Lev pulls away. She watches it depart.

The Lev leaves the station and heads out on the elevated rail.

Zoe tells Ben that she knew that Lacy would "back out." Ben seems distracted. Zoe says that Lacy won't talk until they are gone. Zoe tries to reassure Ben, who takes notice of Tamara talking to her mother. Tamara tells her mother about being picked on for being Tauron. She says that she walked away after she kicked the bully. While Tamara and Shannon continue talking, Zoe takes out a computer sheet, types "Don't live in regret, Mom. I forgive you" and sends the message before putting it back in her pocket.

Zoe asks if Ben is going to behave this way all the way to Gemenon. Ben simply replies, "I'm sorry, Zo. It's god's will." He opens up his jacket to reveal a bomb. As Zoe pleads with him, Ben calls out, "The one true God shall drive out the many." He hits the detonator.

The Lev car explodes sending debris to the street below.

Down the street, Joseph Adams feels the blast and turns to see the dust cloud spilling onto the street several blocks away..

Daniel sits at the kitchen table pushing his food around his plate.

Amanda walks down the stairs.

(Caption: Two Weeks Later)
Amanda walks up behind Daniel and strokes his hair. She sits down at the table next to him and takes his hand.

The mayor of Caprica City speaks to an auditorium full of people and reassures them that terrorism will be dealt with. He then turns the briefing over to Agent Duram.

Joseph Adams can be seen in the audience.

Agent Duram states that the "Soldiers of the One" are responsible for the bombing. The group uses the infinity symbol. He adds that the group had been dormant for ten years, but has been conclusively linked.

Joseph gets up to leave.

Duram explains that the Soldiers of the One are monotheistic.

Outside, Joseph has taken out a cigarette, but can't find his lighter. Daniel offers his. As Joseph thanks him, he recognizes Daniel and comments that he'd never seen him smoke on TV. Daniel replies that that he quit several years ago, but starts up again "last week." They introduce themselves to each other. When Daniel goes to shake Joseph's hands, he notices the gloves. Joseph explains that the gloves are symbolic to distance him from the world during mourning as part of an old custom. Daniel tells him that he lost his daughter. Joseph responds that he lost his daughter and wife. After a pause, Daniel says that he could use a cup of coffee and Joseph points out that there's a coffee shop around the corner.

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