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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 7 & 8:
Joseph's in court representing a defendant. The judge asks for a plea and his client pleads not guilty. The judge looks at Joseph who blinks very slowly. The judge slams the gavel and orders bail set at 10,000 cubits. The prosecution points out that the defendant is a known member of the "Ha'la'tha crime syndicate" and is a flight risk. She asks that bail be denied, but the judge lets the ruling stand.

Outside the courtroom, Joseph's brother Sam gives him an envelope. He indicates that it has 10,000 cubits for the bail and 20,000 cubits for the judge. He adds that the Guatrau is very grateful for Joseph's work and has pledge to help them find who killed Shannon and Tamara. Joseph thanks him, but declines the help. Sam switches to Tauronese to say "Blood for blood. It's the Tauron way." Joseph stops and says, "We're on Caprica now." Sam wants to know what Caprica has done for them. Joseph says he has a deposition in an hour. Sam stops him and says that they have to do something. Joseph asks him to let him grieve in his own way. Sam then prays to the gods for vengeance. Joseph counters that there are no gods. Sam switches back to Tauronese again to say that's more reason for them to seek their own justice. Joseph nods and then walks off.

At Graystone Industries, Daniel and his assistant Cyrus Xander oversee Test 42. They stand above the testing arena where a Cylon can be seen below. Xander tells Daniel that he spoke to the Minister of Defense earlier and that he was told that the Prime Minister is getting a lot of pressure to pull the Cyber Combat Unit contract since they are five years behind schedule and "half-a-billion" cubits over budget. They might take it off-world to their competitor Vergis.

In the arena, the test begins with the Cylon trying to shot a robot with paintball guns. It fails miserably, shooting everything but the robot target.

When the test is over, Daniel tells Cyrus that he's going home for the day and doesn't want any calls.

Joseph greets his son outside school. He suggests that they walk home together and get a shaved ice.

As they walk and eat their shaved ice, Joseph tells William about the opportunity to see the Pyramid game, but William seems somewhat disinterested, although he has if his grandmother can go. Joseph says that he wants to give her the night off and make it a "guys night out." Joseph notes that they haven't been spending much time together. William adds, "Ever." After walking in silence, William asks if his father thinks that his mother and sister still feel pain. Joseph doesn't answer.

In his laboratory, Daniel sits at the console and initializes a decryption program on Zoe's computer sheet codes.

Daniel opens a box labeled '"Holoband" In acknowledgement of the One Millionth Unit Sold'. He takes out his personal Holoband and puts it on.

Daniel finds himself in the V-club as the teenagers dance and party. He's interrupted by a phone call.

Daniel answers a call from Cyrus. Cyrus informs him that Tomas Vergis is on Caprica and will be meeting the Defense Minister that day likely to make a play for the contract. Daniel is unconcerned and says that Vergis' company is years behind. Cyrus counters that there's word that Vergis has developed an MCP (Meta-Cognitive Processor). Daniel says that they have been trying to develop that for ten years. He doesn't believe that Vergis has one. Cyrus says that Vergis is going to tell the Defense Minister that he does and that if he has an artificial brain, all he'll need is a robot to put it in. Daniel orders Cyrus to find out if Vergis really has an MCP. He then asks Cyrus about the V-clubs and Cyrus says that they've been around for five years. Daniel hangs up and puts the Holoband back on.

Back in the V-club, Daniel looks around. Suddenly, he spots Zoe-A. She sees him and takes off. He chases her. She reaches the door, hits the infinity symbol and goes in. When Daniel reaches the door, he tries to hit the symbol, but is thrown out of the V-club.

In his laboratory, Daniel takes off his Holoband.

In his apartment, Joseph comes down stairs. He greets his mother-in-law who is already preparing breakfast. She points out that William didn't sleep the night before. Joseph says that he knows. She says that Joseph should take him to Tauron back to his roots, Joseph says that William was born on Caprica. William walks in and greets his grandmother. He asks if she's taking him to school. Joseph says that he's going to take William, which William greets with a lack of enthusiasm.

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