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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 9 & 10:
Amanda sits in her office at the hospital. Global Defense Department Agent Duram pays her a visit. He says that he's investigating the bombing. She indicates that she's been avoiding the news. He sits down and asks about Zoe. Amanda says that Zoe was acting like normal teenage girl. He then starts to ask about her friends. Amanda wants him to cut to the chase. He says that they have evidence that they believe not only links her to the terrorists, but that she might have been one of them. Amanda is incredulous. Duram takes out a computer sheet and it has Zoe's last message to her mother on it. Duram indicates that it didn't have a chance to upload to the server and that it took some time to reconstruct the message, which looks like a last message. Amanda wants him to leave. He gives her his card and then leaves.

Lacy waits at the front door. Serge grants her access.

Lacy walks into Zoe's room and starts looking for the computer sheet. Daniels turns up and has the computer sheet. He says he was up all night breaking the code. He says that he's been to the V-club, seen Zoe and even seen her go into the room with the infinity symbol on the door. He wants to know what is going on. Lacy moves to leave, but Daniel blocks her and says that he needs to know.

In a city park, Joseph meets with the Guatrau. The Guatrau wants Joseph to relay a message to the Minister of Defense Chambers, who has apparently forgotten "his friends." Joseph wonders what will happen if Chambers isn't receptive to the message and the Guatrau indicates it won't be good. Joseph asks for some time to think about it. This brings a chuckle from the Guatrau, who says that he has some time, but not too much time. He then leaves.

Lacy takes Daniel through the V-club. She points out the Kill Zone where you can shoot whoever you like. Next are the "group sex and drug dens." She indicates that there is even more deviant interests past those rooms. As they pass through one of them, a topless girl propositions Daniel who just walks past. They walk past a fight room where two men are brutally fighting. They reach the balcony where Lacy explains that they are practicing human sacrifice of virgins to Hecate, goddess of the underworld. Daniel says that he didn't have the V-clubs in mind when he developed the Holoband. Lacy counters that the porn sites were first to license it. Daniel says that was for adults. Lacy points out that Zoe said he could rationalize anything. He wants to know why they came there. She says that they did partake until Ben showed them the way of the one true god. Zoe was touched and given the ability to create life itself. Lacy then opens the door with the infinity symbol.

Daniel and Lacy walk in to find Zoe-A. She wants to know why Lacy brought him and Lacy says that he needs her. Zoe-A then greets Daniel. Daniel immediately decides that she's just an avatar. Zoe-A counters that she's more and that she is Zoe. Daniel points out that Zoe is dead. Zoe-A tries to say that Zoe was her sister or maybe that they were echoes of one another. Daniel walks around Zoe-A and then addresses Lacy. He wants to know what Zoe-A is. Zoe-A tries to explain, but Daniel brushes her off as a digital image. Zoe-A counters that the human brain only holds roughly three hundred megabytes of data. She says that it doesn't come down to storing the data, but accessing it. She then names off all the ways that data can be found to profile a person. She then walks off.

Sam and Joseph talk. Sam can't believe that Joseph asked for time to think about the Guatrau's proposition. Joseph counters that Sam was the one who swore allegiance to the Guatrau, not him. Sam counters that Joseph doesn't mind taking his money. Joseph says that even though the Guatrau put him through law school, he's "tired of doing his dirty work for him." Joseph says that Sam can fire him. Sam points out that the Ha'la'tha doesn't fired people, but bury them. He then walks off.

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