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Pilot Summary:

Episode Name: Pilot
Episode Number: 101
Written by: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
DVD Release: 4/21/2009
Original Air Date: Spring 2010 on SciFi Channel

Chapters 5 & 6:
Sister Clarice tries to reassure Lacy that Zoe is in a better place. After a moment, she admits that she doesn't find those words very comforting since Zoe is gone no matter what. Lacy says that she's angry at whoever killed Zoe. Sister Clarice agrees. Lacy says that she should have been on the train too and should be dead too. Sister Clarice tries to tell her that she still has a purpose. Lacy counters that it was Zoe who was a genius. Sister Clarice suggests that if Lacy could find anything that Zoe was working on, that might be a way for her to reconnect with Zoe.

Amanda stands on the balcony of their home.

Amanda stands at the doorway to Zoe's room. A page from Serge startles her out of her reverie.

Lacy stands at the entranceway to the house. Amanda appears and greets Lacy. Lacy asks if she can "sit" in Zoe's room for a while. Amanda informs Serge that Lacy has been granted entry. Lacy immediately heads downstairs.

Daniel and Joseph sit at a table and silently smoke.

It's now dark outside as Joseph stands up and says that he needs to go. At first, Daniel doesn't respond, but he finally comes around. He stands up as well and they head outside.

Daniel offers Joseph a ride home, but Joseph says that he lives in the city. As Joseph starts to move off, Daniel asks if Joseph enjoys Pyramid. Joseph says that he has bet on the team unfortunately. Daniel admits that they aren't playing as well, but he has courtside seats. Joseph asks if his son could join them. Daniel gives Joseph his private number so Joseph can contact him. He then climbs into his car.

In Zoe's room, Lacy pulls out the computer paper. She sits down, puts on the Holoband and punches in the code.

In the V-club, Lacy walks down the hallway, stops along the wall and puts her hand on the infinity symbol.

Lacy enters the room and Zoe-A asks if it's Lacy. Zoe-A wants to know if something "terrible" has happened. As Lacy approaches, she sees that Zoe-A is bloody on her left side. Lacy screams.

Zoe-A knows that Zoe is dead. Lacy wants to know why Zoe-A is bloody even without wounds. Zoe-A guesses that it was caused by the bombing. Lacy is incredulous. Zoe-A explains that Zoe was working on a "bio-feedback protocol," which would allow Zoe-A to feel what she was feeling in real time. Zoe-A adds that she never got it working, but she still felt her death. Zoe-A wants to know what happens to her now that Zoe is dead. Lacy says that Zoe had a plan for her once they got to Gemenon. Zoe-A realizes that they aren't going to Gemonon. She wants to know what happens to her. She grabs Lacy's wrists looking for reassurance, but Lacy pulls away. Zoe-A realizes that Lacy is scared of her. Lacy says that she's not Zoe and that she's a "thing." Zoe-A answers that Zoe had promised that she would see the real world one day, but she says that she remembers it just like she remembers growing up with Lacy. She says she knows she's not a person, but she feels like one. Lacy and Zoe-A hug.

Daniel walks in the house and starts up the stairs before he stops.

Lacy reassures Zoe-A.

Daniel walks into Zoe's room to see Lacy using the Holoband.

Lacy and Zoe-A both notice that the blood is gone from Zoe-A's side.

Daniel calls Lacy's name. Surprised, Lacy takes off the Holoband. Daniel wants to know what she was doing, but Lacy simply stutters before saying that she has to go. She leaves the room even as Daniel asks her why she's there. After she can be heard walking up the stairs and out of the house, Daniel walks over to the desk and finds the computer paper. The infinity symbol is still present. He touches it and the circle of symbols appears.

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