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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2
Episode Number: 220
Written by: Ann Cofell Saunders & Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/10/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 49,550
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Commander Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Caprica/Helo Sharon, Baltar's Inner Six
Recurring Characters That Appear: Brother Cavil, Helo, Cally, Tyrol , Roslin's aide Tory Parker, Ellen Tigh, Doral, Leoben, Cottle, Lieutenant Gaeta
Guest Characters: Anders

Previously (Recap):
Cottle tells Sharon and Helo that their baby is dead.

Helo tells Sharon that it's him and her. She can't forget the baby.

Maya is given the child.

Dee and Lee talk.

Tyrol talks with Brother Cavil about being afraid of being a Cylon.

Cain says they have their own Cylon as Gina is seen.

Baltar offers to shelter Gina.

Jahee delivers the nuke to Gina.

Baltar announces his candidacy for President.

Racetrack finds a habitable planet.

Zarek convinces Baltar to use the planet as an issue to win the election.

Kara and Anders are reunited on Caprica.

Their combined party comes under attack by the Cylons.

Caption: Cylon-Occupied Caprica
Centurions close in on Kara and Anders' position.

Anders says he knows a position they can fall back to and Kara orders everyone to fall back.

Doctor Cottle says that he's kicking Cally out of sick bay. Cally manages to complain about going back to work in spite of her jaw being wired shut. Cottle tells her that she has a visitor and walks off as Tyrol walks in. Tyrol begins to profusely. Cally forgives him. She says that he's in pain. She says that she cares about him, always has and always will. Tyrol looks as though he's looking at her for the first time..

On Caprica, Kara's party is taking heavy fire, but reaches a bunker of some kind. Helo is unsuccessful in reaching the Raptors. There is an explosion and suddenly all the Cylon shelling stops. They see that that Centurions are still out there. Sharon says that they are trying to capture prisoners for interrogation and for the farms. Kara tells Anders that if the Cylons try to take them alive, he has to kill her because she doesn't want to go back to one of their farms.

On Colonial One, Roslin says that she is down two more points in spite of stupid policies by Baltar. Baltar is winning on the basis of settling on that planet and Roslin thinks that settling there will be a problem. She asks her aide if she has some "super secret" back up plan and the aide says that there is always a back up plan. She then says that it's time for the priest.

On Caprica, all is quiet. Kara is convinced the Cylons "are up to something." Kara tells Helo to get a recon team out to scout around.

A recon team moves out of the bunker. After an all clear, Kara, Helo, Anders and Sharon walk out of the bunker. Kara says that the Cylons are gone. Brother Cavil turns up behind them and says it's a miracle. He begins praying to the gods as Kara's force bow their heads.

On Colonial One, the fleet's Brother Cavil leads Roslin in the same prayer.

Act 1:
On Galactica, Baltar enters Admiral Adama's quarters. He finds that Roslin is there. She wanted them to have a private meeting without the press's knowledge. She feels that resettlement on the planet is the most important issue since the attacks. She wants him to declare a truce on the matter of settlement on the planet until after the election. She wants him to join her in issuing a joint statement that will consider the issue of resettlement with careful study. She appeals to his patriotism. He says that his patriotism is just fine and is happy to hear how desperate she is. As he begins to leave, she asks if she was with a tall blonde on Caprica before the attacks. Inner Six turns up and tells him that she knows. Roslin asks again. Inner Six tells him to leave quickly. Baltar gives a blow-off answer and leaves.

Colonel Tigh and Ellen argue about the election and settling on the planet. It's interrupted by a phone call.

Kara and her rescue team has arrived on the Galactica hangar deck. Kara introduces Anders to Admiral Adama. Kara then tells him that the occupation is over because the Cylons have left Caprica. Cavil walks out of the Raptor and says the Cylons have left and that it's a miracle. Tyrol sees Cavil and goes after him. He tells them that Cavil is a Cylon. Cavil admits that he is and says he has a message for their leader. Adama orders him taken to the brig. He also orders that Sharon be taken to the brig as well. Helo tries to say that she didn't know. Adama cuts him off and says she did know.

Act 2:
In the Galactica brig, Helo asks Sharon why she didn't tell them about Cavil. She says that she's not sure. He says that Adama had finally started to trust her. Sharon says that "they killed my baby" and that she doesn't care about him or them. She drops the phone and lays down. Helo yells that he loves her and won't give up so easily.

In the Galactica pilots' bunkroom, Kara and Anders share a bottle and flirt. Lee walks in and interrupts them. Kara gets up an gives Lee a hug. She then goes back to Anders and almost acts like Lee isn't there. Lee has to again interrupt in order to shake Anders' hand. Kara makes a flippant remark about Lee still sleeping with Lee. Anders and Kara get wrapped up in themselves again and Lee shows himself out.

In the Galactica brig, the Caprica Cavil says he has a message. The door opens and the fleet's Cavil is in chains followed by Admiral Adama and President Roslin. He claims he's not a Cylon until he sees the other Cavil. The Caprica Cavil says that the Cylons have decides that the occupation is over and that following the fleet was also a mistake. Adama wants to know if the Cylons have returned to their homeworld or gone somewhere else, but Cavil doesn't want to answer that question. The Caprica Cavil apologizes to the other Cavil for the change of plans and tells the other Cavil that the "war heroes" [Reborn Galactica Boomer/Reborn Caprica/Baltar's Six] have swayed the others. Adama asks about the Cylon god. Caprica Cavil says that there is no god. Of course, there is no way to prove it one way or another. Roslin says that they should throw both Cavils out an airlock so they can find out about their Cylon god.

Act 3:
Caption: Election Day
The ballots are being brought in and counted. Colonel Tigh, Dee and Gaetar are supervising. Gaeta announces ballots from the Adriatic have arrived. He unlocks the ballot boxes and dumps out the ballots.

A reporter gives a report on the election. Baltar, Admiral Adama and President Roslin listen from various locations. The reporter says that voting as been over for five hours. He explains that an agreement was reached in which the military would provide security and civilians would oversee counting the ballots. He reports that Roslin is down by 4,000 votes.

After the report is over, Roslin's aide whispers something in her ear. The aide walks over to the phone and makes a call. She says that only five ships are left and it's time.

In the ballot counting room on Galactica, Tigh says that he'll take care of it and nods to Dee . Dee tells Gaeta that she'll be right back.

In a Galactica corridor, Dee intercepts a shipment of ballots in the hallway. The men with her then bring the ballot box into a room.

Dee brings in ballot boxes. Gaeta opens them up and dumps them out.

The same reporter gives a new report. He is surprised to announce that Roslin has come from behind to win.

Roslin hears the news and celebrates.

Zarek hears the results and tells Baltar that he smells a rigged election. Baltar says that Roslin is many things, but she's not dishonest.

Admiral Adama calls Roslin to congratulate her. He's shocked by the results and surprised by her lack of emotion. She tries to claim that she's tired.

On Galactica, Lieutenant Gaeta tells Colonel Tigh that the ballots that are supposed to be from the Zephyr are fraudulent. He explains that Baltar's first name was misspelled on their ballots. He cleared them to use those ballots. However, the ballots that arrived as the ballots from the Zephyr are spelled correctly. Tigh is abrupt and tells Gaeta that he'll handle it. Gaeta points out that the ballots were tracked all the way from the Zephyr to the ballot room, so someone in the chain must be in on it. Tigh again abruptly says that he'll take care of it. Gaeta slowly leaves.

Gaeta finds a corridor wireless and calls Admiral Adama. He stumbles over himself at first. Adama wants him to spit it out. Gaeta says that he believes that Colonel Tigh was involved in rigging the election.

Act 4:
On Colonial One, Admiral Adama reports to President Roslin that Colonel Tigh admitted to colluding with her aide/campaign-manager Tory Parker to fix the election. Roslin admits that she authorized Parker's efforts. She didn't know the specifics. She says she tried to fix the election, but got caught. Adama says he doesn't like Baltar, but. Roslin interrupts him and says that he's working with the Cylons. She says that she saw him with Shelly Godfrey back on Caprica. He wants to know why she didn't say anything before. She says she didn't remember until she was dying. He says that they have no proof, so they can't do anything about it. They both sit down. Adama says that they have to decide what to do about the election. He says that if they let it stand, then they are criminals too and the guilt will be like a cancer. She says "that's it, then."

In his quarters on Galactica, Admiral Adama tells Doctor Baltar that there was an error in the vote and that he has been elected president. Baltar wants to know how such an error could have happened on his ship on his watch. Adama tells him to just take his victory. Baltar backs off a bit, but is still snotty with Adama. His first act as President Elect is to order Adama to set course for New Caprica.

The fleet jumps to New Caprica. Dee reports that all ships are present and accounted for.

Act 5:
On Cloud Nine, Baltar is with Gina. Baltar says that his new position will prevent them from seeing each other until they go to New Caprica. Gina tells him that she's not going to New Caprica. He says everyone is going to New Caprica and that it's their chance to be together. She says, "no." He says that he can't do it anymore and starts to leave. Before he reaches the door, she asks him to stay. She takes off her shirt and the scars can still be seen on her back. She then goes to the bedroom. He follows her and she finishes undressing. They sit on the bed and begin to kiss.

On Colonial One, Baltar begins to take the oath of office.

Several intercuts go back and forth between he and Gina on Cloud Nine and his inauguration.

On Cloud Nine, Gina sits naked in front of the opened nuke as she listens to Baltar announce the signing of the first executive order concerning New Caprica. She arms the nuke and blows up Cloud Nine.

In his office on Colonial One, Admiral Adama reports that they believe that the nuke was stolen from his lab and smuggled to Cloud Nine by a Cylon agent. Baltar asks him if he wants some tea. Adama wants them to focus on internal security. Baltar says that they will focus on getting the people to New Caprica. Baltar is tearing up and Adama says that he's not listening. Baltar says that he doesn't have to listen because he's the president. Adama leaves. Baltar puts his head down on the desk.

Caption: One Year Later
Gaeta wakes up Baltar, who has his head on his desk on Colonial One. The curtain has been pulled back and a dark-haired woman can be seen dressing [a little] in the room behind the desk. Gaeta asks about the union. Baltar says that they survived the Cylons and they can survive the union. He says that if it's not the union, it's the Quorum, or the People's Council. Baltar tells Gaeta to tell the union to get back to work, or the leaders will be locked up. Gaeta leaves. Baltar reaches for his pills as a partially undressed blonde woman can be seens next to the dark-haired woman. Baltar looks out the window high above a barren landscape with a river winding through it.

Colonial One sits on New Caprica's barren terrain.

Act 6:
Caption: Battlestar Galactica; Orbital Patrol: Day 380
Galactica hangar deck is dark and empty.

A mustached Admiral Adama walks down an empty Galactica corridor. He notices a light that is flickering.

In his quarters, Adama tells Tigh to go down to the planet. Tigh doesn't want to leave his post. Adama says out that half the crew is already on the planet. He points out that they've been orbiting New Caprica longer than they ran from the Cylons. He stands up and they embrace. He tells Tigh that if Ellen gives him trouble, he should just find a younger one. Tigh leaves. Adama sits back down and lights up a cigarette.

Caption: New Caprica City ; Population: 39,192
A long-haired Kara finds a coughing Anders playing pyramid. She wants him to leave because he's sick. She says that she married a moron.

Doctor Cottle walks out of Kara and Anders' tent. Kara follows. Cottle says that he has fluid in his lungs. She wants to know if he has something for it. Cottle says that he's been out of antibiotics for months. Anders will just have to rest. As Kara has to figure out what to do, she spots Tigh and Ellen.

Tigh and Ellen walk into a large tent. Tyrol and a pregnant Cally are on the stage. Tyrol addresses the crowd as the union president. Kara greets Tigh and Ellen like they haven't seen each other in a long time. Tigh wants to know what is going on and Kara says that the President. She asks Tigh about getting some medicine for Anders. He says that she needs to talk to Pegasus. She doesn't seem sure, because Lee is still in charge. She leaves. Ellen and Tigh are surprised by Tyrol 's speech about throwing themselves onto the machines to make them stop working.

Roslin and Maya teach in a large one room school. Maya says that the President has a problem. Roslin says that it's not her problem. Roslin tells Maya to take the baby and leave early. Maya goes over and picks up Sharon 's baby.

Kara enters a ship and turns on its comm..

On Pegasus, Dee hands Lee the wireless and says he has a call. Lee asks Kara what she wants. Kara has a hard time asking him for a favor. She says that Anders has pneumonia and needs some medicine. Just then, Dee interrupts Lee. A Cylon fleet closes in.

Lee tells his father that they need to jump. Adama doesn't want to leave. Lee says that they don't have a choice. Helo wants to know what his orders are. The fleet jumps.

Gaeta rushes into the Colonial One office and interrupts Baltar and his two women. He tells Baltar that the Cylons are coming and the fleet has jumped away.

Roslin sees the Cylons and herds the children back inside.

Leoben enters Kara and Anders' quarters and asks for Kara.

Cally and Tyrol walk outside to see the Raiders flying overhead.

In Colonial One, Baltar and his entourage awaits the Cylons. A Doral, Number Six (Reborn Caprica/Baltar's Six?) and Sharon (Galactica Boomer?). enter and says that no one will be hurt as long as they cooperate. Baltar asks how they were found and Doral says that they tracked the radiation signature of a nuclear detonation. Baltar surrenders on behalf of the colonies.

The residents of New Caprica watch an army of Centurions walk by. Roslin watches by herself. Tigh and Ellen watch from elsewhere. Cally, Tyrol and Kara are together. Tyrol asks, "Captain, what do you want to do." She answers to fight them like they always do.

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