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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Downloaded
Episode Number: 218
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Jeff Woolnough
Original Air Date: 2/24/06 on SciFi Channel
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, President Roslin, Baltar, Tigh, Inner Six, Helo's Sharon
Recurring Characters That Appear: Baltar's Six Reborn, Tyrol's Sharon, D'Anna, Doral, Doctor Cottle, Roslin's aide, Helo, Tyrol
Guest Characters: Maya, Anders

Previously (Recap):
Anders leads the resistance on Caprica.

Five of the six known human Cylons are shown: Simon, Sharon , Six, Doral and D'Anna. [No Leoben probably thanks to the actor's unavailability.]

Galactica Sharon shoots Adama

Cally shoots Galactica Sharon.

Caprica/Helo Sharon shows herself.

Baltar talks to his Inner Six about her existence.

Sharon is pregnant.

Caption: Nine Months Ago
From the miniseries, Gaius and Six talk at his house as the Cylon attacks are underway.

Montage of scenes with Six, mostly involving Baltar.

Six wakes up in a tub of go. She's confused. Another Six and a D'Anna are next to her. They explain that she died and has been downloaded into a new body. She looks over at the other Six. Six wants to know whether Baltar is alive. Six has an Inner Baltar who tells her not to reveal her feelings for Baltar. D'Anna says that her mission was a success.

Caption: Ten Weeks Ago. Battlestar Galactica
Galactica Sharon is escorted down a corridor and is shot by Cally.

Montage of scenes with Galactica Sharon including her shooting Adama, being shot and talking with Tyrol .

Sharon wakes up in the tub of goo. She is panicky, ut the D'Anna tries to calm her. A Doral, Six and another Sharon are also there. Sharon sees the other Sharon and screams.

Act 1:
Caption: Prrsent Day Cylon Occupied CAprica
Six watches two Centurioins plant a tree. Inner Baltar talks about rebirth. A D'Anna talks to her about having a new start with her new body. A Doral walks up and tells her that he's honored to have her there on Caprica.

Caption: Present Day Battlestar Galactica
Helo Sharon is on the bed in sickbay with Helo nearby. Cottle tells her that she has a detached placenta.

On Caprica, Sharon and D'Anna walk past several copies of he models. D'Anna tells her that she's a hero. Inner Baltar pops up and comments about what she did. D'Anna asks her for her help with Galactica Sharon (an Eight), who is having trouble reintegrating.

Anders and another member of the resistance scout out the site for attack.

Back in sickbay, Cottle has the child and Helo wants to know if the baby is alright. The baby cries and Cottle tells Helo to leave so he can take care of the baby and Sharon.

Baltar's Six knocks on Galactica Sharon's apartment door. Sharon lets her in and tells her that she's not leaving. Sharon goes to change. Inner Baltar pops in to tell Six to start with the elephants on the coffee table. Six asks about the elephants and Sharon begins to open up until Six mentions religion. Sharon goes off about the people in the picture (of Galactica crew) and then throws it against the wall. Six has a cut. Sharon calms down and apologizes. Inner Baltar reveals that Six actually cut herself. Batar tells Six what to say about loving a human.

Anders and the resistance plan. Anders says that the humanoid Cylons are downloaded and remember everything, including in this being blows into little pieces. They'll have no more than three minutes to pull off their attack.

Act 2:
Six describes Baltar's house. She says that after being downloaded, she went back to what was left of Baltar's house. She said she found some of hs things, but after a while she burned them and felt free. Inner Baltar points out that she's lying. Sharon asks Six who she loved and Six says that it was Baltar. Sharon knows sho he is and tells Six that he's alive and the Vice-President of the colonies. Six is surprised.

Baltar, Roslin, Tigh and Adama discuss the fate of Sharon 's baby. Baltar argues for the life of the baby. Roslin is worried about Sharon raising the baby. Adama is afraid that the Cylons will come when they find out about it being born.

Sharon and Helo watch their baby. Helo makes a comment about almost believing in the Cylon god. Sharon gives him a look. He says almost. She tells him she loves him "completely."

Anders and the Resistance infiltrate a parking garage.

Six and Sharon talk at a Cylon coffee bar. They talk about how D'Anna didn't tell Six that Baltar was still alive. Inner Baltar mouths off and Six starts to lose her nerve with him. D'Anna comes up and wants to know what is going on and how everyone is. Inner Baltar says that she doesn't care and that the Cylons will put her consciousness in storage.

Anders and the resistance ready their bomb.

Six tells D'Anna that they've made a breakthrough and that Sharon has decided to move out. Sharon plays along and says she'll go get some things. D'Anna follows the two of them back to the apartment.

A Cylon Centurion enters the parking garage and walks through the parking garage as the bomb's fuse burns down and Anders watches from cover.

Galactica Sharon, Baltar's Six and D'Anna walk up the stairs to the apartment. Sharon appears to be reaching inside her jacket for a weapon.

The Cylon Centurion spots the bomb and puts out the fuse. Anders shoots up the Centurion, which ends up triggering the bomb.

Act 3:
On Colonial One, Roslin tells Cottle that the baby cannot be raised by Sharon . He wants a list of names and Roslin's aid gives them to him.

Sharon, Six and D'Anna are in the remnants of the blown up building. Six has a broken leg. D'Anna offers to put her out of her misery, but Six declines. Sharon sets the leg. They hear someone coughing. They dig him out and it's Anders. D'Anna realizes that he's a human and knocks him unconscious. D'Anna is about to shoot him and Sharon stops him. Six agrees and after a comment from Inner Baltar, points out that they need to interrogate him to find out about the rescue. D'Anna agrees. She rips off a dogtag and reads it. It's Kara's dogtag, which Sharon recognizes. D'Anna says that Starbuck was there two weeks ago and another Sharon helped her escape. Sharon says that Anders must mean something to Starbuck. D'Anna tosses the dogtag away. Six picks it up and ends up tells Inner Baltar that she loves him.

In Galactica sickbay, Doctor Cottle shows Sharon and Helo a dead baby and says that the baby's lungs weren't fully developed. He says he did what he could, but wasn't able to save her. Sharon loses it and starts choking Cottle. Guards restrain her and she is dragged away, calling Cottle a murderer.

Act 4:
Tyrol and Helo are onboard a Raptor. Helo grabs a container and pours out ashes into space.

Baltar enters his lab. Inner Six waits for him. She says that he let them murder their child. Baltar cries as he apologizes. Inner Six says that god's will was for the child to live and Baltar to be the protector. She says that he has committed an unforgivable sin.

Roslin, her aide and Doctor Cottle meet with Maya on Colonial One. Maya has been given Sharon 's baby. She is told that the baby was from a female Pegasus officer and has to be kept a secret. Maya is happy to have a child after she lost her own. Maya leaves. Roslin says that she knows that it was hard for Cottle.

On Caprica, Anders wakes up and D'Anna throws the gun down. She baits him into grabbing the gun. He doesn't. There is some back and forth where D'Anna points out that she knows that both Sharon and Six are hung up on being human. Six suddenly realizes that D'Anna set them up so that both of them could be put in cold storage and remove the threat of the two heroes of mankind. Anders suddenly grabs the gun and tries to kill D'Anna, but Sharon stops him. D'Anna grabs the gun, but Six kills her with a rock. The two turn Anders lose after giving him Starbuck's dogtag and the gun back. Six says that they have about thirty-six hours before D'Anna is downloaded. Six says that they need to show the Cylons the way. After a few moments, Sharon decides to partner with her. Just then, a Doral digs them out and tells others that they are alive.

Maya and the baby fly to another ship in the fleet.

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