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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1
Episode Number: 219
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/3/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 49,579
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, President Roslin, Commander Lee Adama, Colonel Tigh, Baltar, Starbuck, (Helo) Sharon, Inner Six
Recurring Characters That Appear: Tyrol, Helo, Racetrack, Gaeta, Dee, Zarek, Roslin's new aide
Guest Characters: Cavil, Anders

Previously (Recap):
Sharon saves the Galactica by sending the virus to the Raiders.

Lee is promoted to commander.

Lee tells Dee he's not leaving you.

Starbuck says she's going to come back for Anders.

Starbuck tries to convince Roslin to go back.

Baltar turns on Roslin.

Chief Tyrol is having a nightmare.

Baltar is in his lab. There is a number of pamphlets. He's worried he'll lose.

Roslin is practicing for a debate. Her aide comes in and tells her that she has one minute.

Kara is briefing the pilots on a mission to Caprica. Gaeta stands next to her. Helo is in the briefing. Kara gives anyone a chance to back out.

Baltar is melancholy and isn't happy with his Inner Six.

Roslin talks to Adama about her debate skill. Adama tries to ease her mood and she ends up getting the giggles.

Gaeta briefs the pilots that they will be using the insides of a Heavy Raider in order to make the trip back to Caprica quicker. They will also be using Sharon . She enters the room under heavy guard. The pilots start to react, but Kara calms him.

Baltar's Inner Six gives him a gut check, reminding him that the election is two weeks away and then Zarek enters his lab.

Cally looks around for Tyrol on the flight deck.

Starbuck finishes the briefing. Commander Lee enters. He promises that he won't take long.

Admiral Adama escorts Roslin down the corridor as she continues to giggle. He also starts to giggle.

Lee gives them a pep talk. Racetrack asks him to save her a seat on Earth. He promises to build them a bar. He then turns on fleet radio and listen to the introduction to the debate between Roslin and Baltar.

Helo watches Sharon as she's escorted out and the pilots gather around to listen.

Cally is still looking for Tyrol .

The commentator calls the "action" as Roslin and Baltar enter the room.

Baltar and Roslin shake hands and she tells him that she's going to wipe the floor with him.

Helo tries to talk to Sharon . She doesn't answers at first and then she says that she feels a dark time coming.

Cally finds Tyrol and she tries to wake him. He jumps up and beats her before coming to his senses.

Tyrol carries her down the hallway, calling for help.

Act 1:
Tyrol sits, as he flashes back to what he did to Cally. Brother Cavil sits down with Tyrol . Tyrol wanted to talk to him, rather than a doctor. Cavil tells him that the gods won't determine anything, but rather Tyrol alone.

On Pegasus, Kara enters Lee's quarters. Lee wishes her luck on her mission. He starts jabbering about the plan because he's not sure what to say. She says she needs to leave and Lee says that he hopes she finds [Anders].

Roslin's aide reads a press story that credits Roslin as winning the debate and Baltar standing for nothing.

In Baltar's lab, Zarek tells Baltar that he needs to continue hitting Roslin on the religious issue. Inner Six shows up and Baltar vents on Tom.

Kara's Raptors set out on their mission. Sharon and the Heavy Raider guts can be seen in the back of the Raptor. Kara requests to talk to Adama. She tells him thank you.

Tigh watches Adama hang up the wireless.

Kara preps for launch.

Sharon says that she's surprised that she let Helo talk her into the mission. Helo says that they need to move on. Sharon says that she can't forget Hera. She notices the guards, who have a disgusted look.

Kara tells Sharon that they are ready. Sharon connects up to the Raider brain.

The Raptors jump away.

Racetrack jumps to the wrong coordinates.

The rest of the Raptors jump to the correct coordinates and Kara says that they continue.

Cavil and Tyrol discuss what happened between Tyrol and Cally. Cavil wants to know if Tyrol is having nightmares or dreams. Tyrol tries to lie, but Cavil sees right through him and wants Tyrol to tell him about the dreams.

Act 2:
Cavil wants Tyrol to tell him about his dream.

[ Tyrol 's Dream Sequence]
Tyrol slowly climbs some stairs on the hangar deck. He walks along the catwalk and then stops. He climbs up on the railing and jumps.

Tyrol tells Cavil that he's been having the same dream every night for two weeks. Cavil wants to know if he was having the dream when Cally woke him. He says that he doesn't remember. Cavil believes that Tyrol wants to kill himself.

Racetrack debates what to do with her co-pilot. She wants to continue, but he convinces her to head back . He then picks a planet. Racetrack checks the readings and sees that the planet is habitable.

Adama and Tigh go over the report as Gaeta watches. Adama congratulates Racetrack and her second.

Lee briefs the pilots on the discovery of the planet.

Gaeta and Dee talk in the crew washroom. He says that most of the planet isn't habitable except near the equator. However, interference from the nearby nebula will make it nearly impossible for the Cylons to find them.

Baltar banters with his Inner Six about the uselessness of the planet. Zarek says that settling on the planet is the issue that Baltar needs to set him apart from Roslin. At first, Baltar is skeptical, but with some nudging from his Inner Six, he comes around to Zarek's idea. He knows that Roslin wants to find Earth, but this planet provides a shortcut for settlement for the fleet's populace.

Act 3:
On Colonial One, Roslin looks over the reports on the planet. Roslin says that the planet is nothing more than a "rest stop." Her aide says that Baltar is working the idea of settlement on the planet. She also points out that the polls show that Baltar has given the people of the fleet hope.

Cavil says that Tyrol needs to quit ignoring what is right in front of him. Tyrol is confused. Cavil says that Tyrol thinks that he's a Cylon. He says that Tyrol is worried that he's just like Sharon, who didn't know she was a Cylon either. Tyrol says that Sharon knew she was going to do something terrible and tried to stop herself. Tyrol wants to know how Cavil could know that Tyrol is not a Cylon. Cavil makes a joke about being a Cylon himself and never seeing Tyrol at any of the meetings. Cavil says that the gods help those who help each other.

Kara's Raptors prepare for another jump that will be close to the planet..

They jump into the atmosphere and start descending.

One of the Raptors is missing. Helo finds their transponder, but then realizes that they jumped inside a nearby mountain. Kara announces the loss of the Raptor and that they are continuing on.

Act 4:
Baltar and Roslin are engaged in another debate. Roslin talks about the scriptures holding relevant information concerning the search for Earth. Baltar is then asked if he seized on the planet as a last ditch to save his campaign. Baltar says that he has supported the search for Earth, but this planet gives them an opportunity to perhaps hide from the Cylons and not have to run. Roslin replies that there is no guarantee that the Cylons don't already know about the planet. Baltar interjects and says that she's using fear. The moderator ends the debate and reminds everyone that the election is three days away.

Roslin and her inner circle listen to the debate analysis, which tips Baltar as gaining momentum.

(Caption: Cylon-Occupied Caprica)
Kara's force, with Sharon in the lead and Helo right be hind Starbuck move through the forest. Kara halts. Helo looks over the map to the resistance base camp. Sharon sees movement and they take cover.

A number of people move closer through the forest.

Helo calls out for Anders.

A woman answers, asking if Kara is there. Anders can be seen crouching with the other force.

Starbuck and Anders have a reunion. It's broken up by one of the resistance reminding Anders that the Cylons are after them. Anders says that the Cylons hit their camp that morning wiping out half of the resistance.. Just then, they start getting shelled. Kara wants to head for the Raptors, but the shelling is coming from between them and the location of the Raptors. They are pinned down.

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