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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Captain's Hand
Episode Number: 217
Written by:
Directed by:
Original Air Date: 2/17/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 49,584
Main Characters That Appear: Commander Adama, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Captain Kara Thrace, Baltar, Inner Six
Recurring Characters That Appear: Dee, Cally, Tyrol, Gaeta, Hoshi, Maya, Doctor Cottle
Guest Characters: Commander Barry Garner, Rya, Sarah

Previously (Recap):
Sesha and her cohorts seize the bar. Lee accidentally gets shot by Kara.

Dee is by Lee's bedside in sickbay and tells him that he can't leave.

Tigh informs Adama that everyone knows about Fisk's murder.

Gina tells Baltar that he needs to run for President against Roslin.

Adama tells Tigh that he's putting Garner in command of Pegasus. Tigh says that he's a engine technician and Adama says that he's the best that he's got.

A pair of Pegasus Raptors head out on a training mission and end up investigating a "murky" sector of space.

Lee gets up from his bunk and Dee is there with him. He talks about going back on duty. Kara has apparently been giving Commander Garner "fits" over on Pegasus. Dee notices his jacket and Lee says that he's been promoted to Major. Dee and Lee then continue fooling around.

Cally tells Tyrol about some unknown cargo. Tyrol decides to open it. He finds a woman inside. She asks about Doctor Cottle and is apparently pregnant.

One of the Raptors picks up a partial transmission. When they attempt to report back to Pegasus, their transmission is garbled and then falls out of transmission range entirely.

Commander Garner walks into Pegasus CIC and Hoshi informs him that they have lost contact with the two Raptors.

Act 1:
Lee walks down a Pegasus corridor. Starbuck greets him and they are pretty rude towards one another as she follows him.

Commander Garner greets Lee as he walks into Pegasus CIC and tells him that they just lost two Raptors on a training mission. Kara wants to know what happened and Garner upbraids her for not being on the flight deck monitoring her training flights.

Kara walks into the pilot's washroom and wants to know why she wasn't told about the missing Raptors and is informed that Garner doesn't want flight deck activity discussed with non-Pegasus personnel.

Lee and Garner talk in his quarters. Garner says that his problem is Starbuck. He says that as an engine tech, he had to monitor everything and there was no flying by the seat of one's pants.

In Roslin's office on Colonial One, Maya greets President Roslin. Maya is Roslin's new aide. She gives Roslin the first poll numbers concerning the election.

Zarek and Baltar talk. Zarek says that he can't win now that Roslin has risen to prophet status, but he believes that Baltar can win. He indicates that he will back Baltar's candidacy.

Lee walks into the Pegasus pilots' ready room. He wants to know where Stinger is and is told that Garner locked him up for "stepping on his toes." The pilots start deriding Garner and Lee cans the talk. He wants them to concentrate on finding the two Raptors.

In Galactica sickbay, Adama gets a report from Doctor Cottle. He says that the girl's name is Rya and she s four months pregnant, but "doesn't want to be." Adama points out that she asked for Cottle by name. Cottle says that he gets a note, sees the girls and doesn't ask questions. Adama tells Cottle that he's going to start asking questions. Adama then walks over to Rya. He says that her parents are worried about her. She says that he won't change her mind. Cottle drops a big hint to her about asylum. Adama gives him a look and Cottle walks off. Rya catches the hint and makes the request to Adama.

Act 2:
On Colonial One, Roslin is being briefed by Sarah, a Gemonese representative, about Rya while Adama listens. Roslin points out that abortion was legal in the colonies before the Cylon attacks. Sarah points out that the scriptures consider abortion an abomination. Roslin says that the asylum request is under review and dismisses Sarah and Maya. Adama and Roslin talk privately. Adama comments that Maya is not Billy. Roslin doesn't want to send Rya back. Adama points out that she was the one who said that they need to start having babes in order to survive.

Kara brainstorms over the garbled last transmission of the Raptors. She realizes that they were reporting that they received a distress call.

In Pegasus CIC, Lee tells Garner about Kara's idea. Garner goes off on Starbuck again. He knows about her insubordinate talk. He has her restricted to quarters.

Kara does push-ups. Lee walks in and talks to Kara. He points out that she's been on Pegasus for four days and is already facing charges. They finally have a little argument. He says that he's tired up cleaning up her frak-ups. She makes a comment that gives Lee an opening to make a comment about his being shot [by her]. Kara tries to keep it together and then gets back on task with the missing Raptors.

A third Pegasus Raptor is near the other two Raptors last known coordinates and picks up a partial transmission that sounds like one of the missing Raptors.

In Pegasus CIC, Garner gets a report. Lee walks in and proposes that the distress call is a fake and is a Cylon trap. Garner decides that the theory must be Kara's. He disagrees with the theory. He gives orders to "spin up the FTL drive" and to notify Commander Adama that they are going to get their missing Raptors.

Act 3:
In Pegasus CIC, Lee and Garner are on the wireless with Adama. Commander Adama points out that it might be a trap. He asks Lee if he concurs with Garner's assessment and he does not. Adama orders a full recon mission. They hang up and Garner is extremely cool towards Lee.

Roslin is in Baltar's lab. She wants to know about the fleet's demographics. Baltar does a song and dance and then tells Roslin that if they follow their present course, the human race will be extinct within eighteen years. Baltar's Inner Six listens in.

Roslin makes a fleet-wide announcement in which she says that in order to save the fleet, all pregnancies must go to term.

Lee and Starbuck are in the corridor when they hear flight preparations being made. Lee sends Starbuck down to the flight deck.

Lee confronts Garner. Garner says that he's launching a rescue mission. Lee tries to relieve him of command, but the Marine on duty puts Lee under arrest.

Gaeta reports that the Pegasus has jumped.

The Pegasus jumps and they find the two Raptors. The third Raptor approaches the Raptors, which look to be intact. Once in visual range, he is able to report that all the crew is dead. Just then, three Cylon basestars jump in and launch nukes against the Pegasus.

Act 4:
Pegasus is taking heavy damage from the three basestars.

Hoshi reports that the FTL drive is offline.

Outside, Starbuck leads the Vipers.

Garner tries to get a report from the engine room. They don't seem to understand. He decides to head to the engine room. He gives Lee the con. Lee takes over. He gives orders to make for the nearest basestar and to inform the Vipers that he's in command.

Garner walks down the corridor and sees the carnage that he's broght on.

In Pegasus CIC, Lee orders some concentrated fire on the nearest basestar

Garner arrives in the Pegasus engine room. He gets a report that there is a breach somewhere. He wants to open a hatch and find the breach. He's told that they could lose all their oxygen. He says that they don't have a choice. He opens the hatch and goes in. He orders it closed behind him and he goes to in find the breach.

The first basestar is withdrawing, but the other two are not. Lee orders the Pegasus to come about.

In her Viper, Kara laughs.

Garner reaches a manifold and starts opening values.

Hoshi reports to Lee that the Vipers are running out of ammo.

Garner struggles to open the value as he suffocates. He manages to open the value as the last of his air goes.

Lee gets the word and orders the Vipers to come on board.

Kara reports that they are all onboard.

Lee gives the orders to jump.

Lee sits in Adama's quarters on Galactica. Adama goes over his report. Lee gave Garner credit for giving his life. Adama points out that Starbuck wasn't so kind. Lee says that Garner was used to working with machines. Adama then tells Lee that he's in command of Pegasus now. He presents Lee with Commander's pins.

Sarah, the Gemonese representative, demands that Rya be turned over for prosecution, because she had the abortion. Roslin refuses because of what Rya has just been through. Sarah says that she violated the law. Roslin says that Rya sought asylum before the law was enacted and tells Sarah that she's gotten all she's going to get.

In the Galactica pilots' bunk room, Lee packs his gear, while talking with Starbuck. Starbuck is staying on Galactica as CAG. They talk about their new roles. She sincerely congratulates him on his promotion and then asks if they are "okay." He doesn't really answer, but they hug.

On Colonial One, Roslin is speaking at a press briefing concerning the recent events. Roslin is pressed about her decisions. Roslin begins to answer and Baltar steps in. He starts off sounding like he backs the reasoning that led to her decision. However, he says that he does not support her decision and says that she has been taking freedoms away one at a time. He announces his candidacy for President. His Inner Six stands at the back of the room, clapping. Roslin leaves and her aide follows, which leaves Baltar with the press.

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