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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Epiphanies
Episode Number: 213
Written by: Joel Anderson Thompson
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 1/20/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 49,598
Main Characters That Appear: Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Lee 'Apollo' Adama, Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Helo's Boomer, Baltar's Inner Six
Recurring Characters That Appear: Billy, Gina, Helo, Tyrol, Cally, Kat, Doctor Cottle, Dee, Racetrack
Guest Characters: President Adar, Naylin Stans, Asha Jahee, Asha Janik

Previously (Recap):
Roslin introduces Baltar as Vice-President.

Sharon tells Helo that he's the father of her child and nothing is going to change that.

Baltar offers to hide Gina.

Cottle tells Roslin that she has only weeks to live.

Episode Recap and Analysis:
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- Teaser Recap
- Act 1 Recap
- Act 2 Recap
- Act 3 Recap
- Act 4 Recap
- Episode Analysis
- Backstory, Cylons & Notes
- Roslin's Flashbacks
- Unanswered Questions

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