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Pocket Book of Patriotism
The Pocket Book of Patriotism
by Jonathan Foreman
Published by Sterling
October 2005

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    The Pocket Book of Patriotism retells the thrilling story of America from an unabashedly traditional, proudly patriotic point of view. A concise handbook for the informed modern patriot, it is a unique and inspired celebration of the great American experiment.

    Inspired by George Courtauld's bestselling Pocket Book of British Patriotism, Jonathan Foreman's companion book is provocative, unpredictable, and refreshingly free of political correctness of any stripe — a source of patriotic inspiration and comfort that you will want to turn to again and again.

    Everything you've ever forgotten about American history is contained in the book's timeline (along with some fascinating facts and quotes that you were never taught in school), put into the context of what was happening in the rest of the world. Included are many of America's vast contributions to science, art, and popular culture, as well as all of America's wars and major military efforts. The result is a rich, often surprising picture of a great nation's birth, growth, and rise to global power.

    Afterward come poems, speeches, and song lyrics that have stirred the hearts of patriots for more than two centuries, including "Paul Rever e 's Ride," "The Star Spangled Banner," Tom Paine's "The American Crisis" speech, and "The Marine Corps Hymn."

    Completing the picture are highlights from the great documents -- including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution -- that embody America's founding ideals, and which have inspired her heroes from 1776 to today.

    While acknowledging America's flaws and sins, past and present, the book wholeheartedly celebrates America's contributions to humanity, the energy and optimism of her people, and the nobility of her ideals. The Pocket Book of Patriotism shows why America's history and role in the world should be a source of pride for every American of every age and background.

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