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Pocket Book of Patriotism
The Pocket Book of Patriotism
by Jonathan Foreman
Published by Sterling
October 2005

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As it's title indicates, this book is good reference guide to American Patriotism, but a large portion of the book is an extensive timeline, which is split between events in North America and the rest of the world. It is an thorough timeline going back through recorded history. Most of the entries will be familiar, but some will make the reader go hunt for a history book. This is the case not because those events are inimportant, but rather because popular histories have chosen to omit them because of their controversial or religious nature. Foreman should be applauded because these events have had as much, if not more impact as any.

The second part of the book is comprised of wide ranging materials on patriotism such as quotations, songs and poems. It's telling of the author and, considering the subject, very appropriate to include a section on medals for valor, because the ultimate sarcifice can be considered the epitome of patriotism. This is a great little book for some quick points on American Patriotism.along with some nice nuggets of information.

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