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Washingtons General
Washington's General
Nathanael Greene and the Triumph of the American Revolution

by Terry Golway
Published by Henry Holt & Co.
January 2005
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    Though much has been written about the American Revolution and George Washington's role in establishing America as a country independent from Britain, very little is known about one of the central figures responsible for winning this war. In Washington's General: Nathanael Greene and the Triumph of the American Revolution (A John Macrae Book/Henry Holt & Co.), columnist Terry Golway tells the story of Nathanael Greene, the overlooked Quaker from Rhode Island, who won the Revolutionary War's crucial southern campaign and helped set up the final victory of American independence at Yorktown.

    A revolutionary hero often forgotten in history texts, Nathanael Greene was a self-made, self-educated military genius who renounced his Quaker upbringing to take up arms against the British. Author of His Excellency: George Washington Joseph J. Ellis has noted that "While researching and writing a book about George Washington, I concluded that Nathanael Greene was the most under appreciated great man in the War for Independence, and that he deserved a modern biography that told his incredible story. Now, here it is. Washington once said that, if he went down in battle, Greene was his choice to succeed him. Read this book and you will understand why."

    Untrained in military matters when he joined the Rhode Island militia in 1774, Greene quickly rose to become Washington's right-hand man and heir apparent. After many daring exploits during the war's first four years, he was chosen in 1780 by Washington to replace the disgraced and defeated Horatio Gates in South Carolina as the leader of the Southern Army. Green turned rag-tag bands of militia into a guerilla force that broke the rules of eighteenth-century warfare and foreshadowed the wars of the coming centuries. Against all odds he outmaneuvered the world's best army, leading the demoralized British troops into a trap at Yorktown - the victory that secured American's independence.

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