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Reflections of Rebellion
Reflections of Rebellion
Hours with the Living Men and Women of the Revolution

by Benson J. Lossing
Published by The History Press
June 2005

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    The History Press is proud to present Reflections of Rebellion: Hours with the Living Men and Women of the Revolution, by nineteenth-century historian Benson J. Lossing, as a new addition to the "New World Classics" series. Out of print since 1889, Reflections of Rebellion is highly sought-after by historians, as it contains primary accounts of the Revolutionary War participants from eight states. This fascinating collection of interviews—conducted by Lossing during an epic pilgrimage across the United States—comes with a new, insightful introduction by noted Revolutionary War scholar Michael C. Scoggins and is a triumph of preservation and a treasure for history-conscious Americans, present and future.

    A variety of intriguing stories are captured in Reflections of Rebellion, including that of Rebecca Motte, a heroine from South Carolina who helped Francis Marion's soldiers set her own house ablaze to drive out British troops. Also present is the account of Uzal Knapp, the last remaining veteran of General George Washington's Life Guards. Lossing also captures the tales of Americans from different walks of life, including that of Eleanor, one of Washington's many slaves, and Frances Slocum, who was abducted and raised by a tribe of Delaware Indians.

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