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Guns of Independence
Guns of Independence:
The Siege of Yorktown, 1781

by Jerome A. Greene

More Information:
  • Book Review from
  • Foreword by Dr. Robert A. Selig
  • (Author of Hussars in Lebanon! A Connecticut Town and
    Lauzun's Legion during the American Revolution
  • Excerpt from the Book
  • (Abercrombie's Pre-Dawn Sortie)
  • Guns of Independence Bibliography
  • (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file found on Savas Beatie's website)
  • Gallery of Selected Maps & Pictures from the Book
  • Interview with author Jerome A. Greene
  • Other books by Jerome A. Greene

  • Table of Contents:
    334 pages (plus Appendices, Endnotes, Bibliography, Index, Map and Photographs); 15 chapters.
    1. The Campaign of the Allies
    2: The Lion Comes to Yorktown
    3. Thr British Positions
    4. Washington Takes Command
    5. Investment
    6. The Noose Tightens
    7. The Lion at Bay
    8. On the Verge
    9. The Guns of October
    10. The Earth Trembles
    11. Night of Heroes
    12. Hopes Bright and Dim
    13. Britain Against the Sky
    14. Broken Sword
    15. Endings, Beginnings
    Postscript: Thereafter
    Appendix 1: Modern Photographic Gallery
    Appendix 2: Washington-Cornwallis Correspondence
    Appendix 3: The Articles of Capitulation, Oct. 19, 1781
    Appendix 4: Archaeology of the French Grand Battery
    Appendix 5: Artillery at Yorktown

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