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Battlegrounds of Freedom
Battlegrounds of Freedom
A Historical Guide to the Battlefields Of the War of American Independence

by Norman Desmarais
Published by Busca, Inc.
June 2005

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    Battlegrounds of Freedom is a fascinating travelogue through the battles of the the American Revolutionary War, inviting readers to re-enact each battle vicariously exactly where and how it was fought.

    Norman Desmarais carefully lays out the geographic and strategic context of each struggle, and develops their human dimensions with anecdotes and stories throughout. His take on the northeastern theater of the conflict as a world war (involving most of the major European world powers of the day), and the southern theater as a civil war, adds to our understanding of both perspectives.

    Battlegrounds of Freedom is conveniently organized by geographic location with accurate maps and photos that help retrace each battle in detail. It also provides abundant sources for more information from visitor centers, museums, and websites of historical organizations.

    About the author:
    Norman Desmarais is an active re-enactor. He is a librarian at Providence College in Rhode Island. He has served as editor of CD-ROM Librarian and CD-ROM World and has written several articles and books in the fields of computer science and history. He has also edited The American Revolution, a multimedia CD-ROM in the American Journeys series published by Primary Source Media.

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