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Washington and Cornwallis
Washington and Cornwallis
The Battle for America, 1775-1783

by Benton Rain Patterson

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    Washington and Cornwallis: The Battle for America, 1775-1783, by Benton Rain Patterson, concerns the major battles and key players of the Revolutionary War. This story brings to light the defeats and narrow victories that won the United States independence from the English Crown as well as profiles its two fundamental characters, General George Washington and Lieutenant General Charles Lord Cornwallis.

    Washington and Cornwallis begins in Philadelphia in May 1775 as the Second Continental Congress, at the urging of John Adams, appoints Washington to be commander in chief of the proposed Continental Army. The story ends in Yorktown, Virginia in October 1781, as Washington accepts Cornwallis' bitter surrender .

    Washington and Cornwallis, from two different worlds and for opposing reasons, came to the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, where they and their armies would fight a desperate duel up and down the Eastern seaboard from 1775 to 1781.

    As the narrative follows them into combat, the reader becomes and eyewitness to every critical event of the Revolutionary War: the siege of Boston; the Battle of Long Island; the fall of New York; the raid on Trenton; the American victories at Princeton and Saratoga; the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse; the British capture of Philadelphia; the ordeal at Valley Forge; the plot to depose Washington; the treason of Benedict Arnold; the fall of Charleston; the disgrace at Camden; Cornwallis' rampage through the Carolinas; the atrocities of a Cornwallis favorite, the brutal Banastre Tarleton; the battles of King's Mountain, Cowpens, and Guilford Courthouse; and, finally, Washington's entrapment of Cornwallis's army at Yorktown, Viriginia.

    There, in a climactic confrontation between two armies, Cornwallis, the stuffy aristocrat and professional soldier, was forced to surrender to Washington, the colonial planter, amateur soldier, and heroic leader of America's scruffy, patchwork army. The duel was over. On that day-Friday, October 19, 1781-with help from France, the thirteen British colonies in America won by force of arms the independence they had so boldly declared in writing in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.

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