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Scrubs Season 8 Episodes:

Episode 1: My Jerks; 1/6/09
Kelso's replacement, Dr. Maddox (Courteney Cox), makes some changes to Sacred Heart in the Season 8 opener. Meanwhile, J.D. is frustrated by his new set of incompetent interns, and Elliot tries to control her ego.

Episode 2: My Last Words; 1/6/09
J.D. and Turk's steak-night tradition is put on hold when the pair comfort a dying patient instead. Meanwhile, Dr. Maddox (Courteney Cox) reveals her true character.

Episode 3: My Saving Grace; 1/14/09
Kelso and Cox team up to get rid of Dr. Maddox. Elsewhere, Carla wants to teach a self-centered intern a lesson in humility.

Episode 4: My Happy Place; 1/13/09
Sparks fly between J.D. and Elliot when they join forces to encourage Kelso to leave the coffee shop.

Episode 5: My ABCs; 1/27/09
J.D. tries to teach compassion with help from "Sesame Street" favorites Elmo, Grover and Oscar the Grouch. Meanwhile, intern Katie hopes to land a spot on Turk's research team by scamming Elliot.

Episode 6: My Cookie Pants; 1/27/09
J.D. and Elliot want to spice up their rekindled romance. Elsewhere, Cox considers taking a new job as chief of medicine.

Episode 7: My New Role; 2/3/09
Motivated by the mounting pressure of his new job, Cox reaches out to former enemy Dr. Kelso.

Episode 8: My Lawyer's in Love; 2/3/09
Ted is smitten with a ukulele player but needs help making the first move. Elsewhere, Cox's many responsibilities overwhelm him.

Episode 9: My Absence; 2/10/09
J.D. takes a vacation but still manages to plague Dr. Cox while he's away from the hospital. Elsewhere, Turk and Carla make a big announcement.

Episode 10: My Comedy Show; 2/10/09
J.D. and Turk recruit the latest batch of interns to perform in their annual (and historically unfunny) sketch show.

Episode 11: My Nah Nah Nah; 3/18/09
Turk comes up with a new procedure to help a paralyzed teen after an inspiring episode of "SportsCenter." Meanwhile, the Janitor and Dr. Cox suffer romantic woes.

Episode 12: Their Story II; 3/25/09
Dr. Cox finally praises J.D., whose ego is inflated by the long-awaited recognition. Elsewhere, the interns provide insight to the senior staff.

Episode 13: My Full Moon; 4/1/09
Elliot questions her future career plans. Elsewhere, bad luck befalls the interns, who face an extremely difficult caseload.

Episode 14: My Soul on Fire; 4/8/09
Part 1 of 2. The Janitor and Lady plan a fake wedding in the Bahamas to score gifts, but the plot backfires when all of the invitees accept.

Episode 15: My Soul on Fire; 4/15/09
Conclusion. The Janitor and Lady tie the knot in a quirky seaside ceremony.

Episode 16: My Cuz; 4/22/09
J.D. decides to make peace with Kim (Elizabeth Banks) and, in the process, learns she is dating Elliot's ex-boyfriend (Scott Foley). Elsewhere, Turk asks the Sacred Heart staff to help him pursue a promotion.

Episode 17: My Chief Concern; 5/5/09
J.D. considers leaving Sacred Heart to be closer to his son and Kim. Elsewhere, Turk settles into a new role, and Ted's relationship progresses.

Episode 18: My Finale; 5/6/09
J.D. bids Sacred Heart farewell in the eighth-season finale. His agenda before he goes includes getting a hug from Dr. Cox and learning the Janitor's name. Meanwhile, Elliot slowly moves her belongings into J.D.'s new place, signaling a change in their relationship.

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