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Scrubs Season 2 Episodes:

Episode 1: My Overkill; 9/25/02
Romantic entanglements propel this episode. Colin Hay (of Men at Work fame) plays a troubadour, who sings a rendition of "Overkill" that underscores churning emotions at Sacred Heart Hospital.

Episode 2: My Nightingale; 10/3/02
All-night duty---and major-accident casualties---rattle the new residents, whose salvation depends on the cool and collected Carla.

Episode 3: My Case Study; 10/10/02
Michael McDonald ("Mad TV") plays a patient with a manhood problem that J.D. seeks to parlay into a trip to an AMA conference in Reno.

Episode 4: My Big Mouth; 10/17/02
A test of character awaits Turk, who clashes with a female surgeon; a test of friendship is in store for Carla and J.D., thanks to his big mouth.

Episode 5: My New Coat; 10/24/02
Cocky new residents stand up to senior staffers. Case in point: J.D.'s run-in with Cox over a severely ill sinus patient (Ted Lange).

Episode 6: My Big Brother; 10/31/02
Tom Cavanagh ("Ed") guest stars as J.D.'s older brother, a likable rascal whose surprise Halloween visit spooks his sibling.

Episode 7: My First Step; 11/7/02
Heather Locklear plays a pharmaceutical rep who bedevils Cox. Also: Carla and Elliot make take-charge decisions that have repercussions.

Episode 8: My Fruit Cups; 11/14/02
Rivalry for Cox's affection pits his new flame, Julie (Heather Locklear), against his ex-wife, who's in a delicate physical and emotional state.

Episode 9: My Lucky Day; 12/5/02
Elliot faces a lawsuit from an irate, recovering patient (Alan Ruck) who was originally told by her that he had just a short time to live. J.D. and Cox treat two new patients who have identical, complicated symptoms. John Ritter and David Copperfield have cameos.

Episode 10: My Monster; 12/12/02
Personal tangles snare staffers, including Cox, reinvolved with his pregnant ex; and J.D., swept away by a comely cashier (Sarah Lancaster).

Episode 11: My Sex Buddy; 1/2/03
Renewed sex with J.D. calms Elliot, who's facing personal and professional dilemmas. She's broke, and patients are bailing out on her.

Episode 12: My New Old Friend; 1/9/03
Comeuppances are in store for Cox, Kelso and J.D. from, respectively, a hypochondriac, a surgical patient and Elliot, who wants more than just sex from J.D.

Episode 13: My Philosophy; 1/16/03
The heart afflictions of two women, including a plucky mother-to-be, affect J.D. A battle to build a locker room for women pits Elliot against Kelso.

Episode 14: My Brother, My Keeper; 1/23/03
Dick Van Dyke plays a beloved, old-school MD who mentors J.D. in a delicate surgical procedure. D.L. Hughley portrays Turk's gregarious older brother.

Episode 15: His Story; 1/30/03
Rick Schroder plays a nurse drawn to Elliot. Eric Bogosian portrays a strong-willed psychiatrist treating the wrathful, ever-cynical Cox.

Episode 16: My Karma; 2/20/03
Tensions arise between Elliot and her new love, Nurse Paul (Rick Schroder); delivery day arrives for Jordan, who turns away ex-hubby Cox.

Episode 17: My Own Private Practice Guy; 3/13/03
A personal secret is revealed about Dr. Cox during hospital visitations by a cocky MD (Jay Mohr), who establishes a rapport with J.D.

Episode 18: My T.C.W.; 3/20/03
J.D.'s romantic life has a new light (Amy Smart): a glow beside the flickering bulbs in the bickering relationships of fellow staffers.

Episode 19: My Kingdom; 3/27/03
A surgery stint stokes J.D., but alienates him from Turk. The Elliot-Nurse Paul affair seesaws. The Cox-Kelso enmity takes a peculiar turn.

Episode 20: My Interpretation; 4/3/03
Troubling diagnoses fluster J.D., more deeply involved with a recent widow; baby-sitting has an impact on Cox. Erotic dreams agitate Turk.

Episode 21: My Drama Queen; 4/10/03
J.D.'s love runs hot and cold; Turk's romance with Carla takes a sudden turn toward the altar. Cox's mockery backfires. Fred Berry ("What's Happening!!") plays himself in a cameo.

Episode 22: My Dream Job; 4/17/03
A visit from J.D. and Turk's frat buddy (Ryan Reynolds), now successful and still partying, unsettles his pals. Meanwhile, Cox learns he's the father of Jordan's baby. Kelso comes down hard on Elliot.

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