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That 70s Show

The comings and goings of the the regulars at a Boston bar.

- Sam Malone was an ex-baseball player and the owner of Cheers.
- Diane Chambers was a reluctant waitress and sometimes love interest for Sam.
- Rebecca Howe became Sam's boss once he sold the bar.
- Coach was an old baseball coach who was given a job tending bar by Sam.
- Woody was a country bumpkin who got the job as a bartender after Coach died.
- Carla was the tough as nails waitress.
- Cliff Clavin was a know-it-all know-nothing postal worker.
- Norm came to the bar, because he didn't want to go home to his wife.
- Dr. Frasier Crane was a psychiatrist.
- Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane was a cold psychiatrist who would marry and then divorce Frasier.

Cast & Crew List
Name: Credit:
James Burrows
Glen Charles
Les Charles

Ted Danson
Shelley Long
Kirstie Alley
Nicholas Colastano
Woody Harrelson
Rhea Perlman
John Ratzenberger
George Wendt
Kelsey Grammar
Bebe Neuwirth
... Creator
... Creator
... Creator

... Sam Malone
... Diane Chambers
... Rebecca Howe
... Ernie 'Coach' Pantusso
... Woody Boyd
... Carla Tortelli LeBec
... Cliff Clavin Jr.
... Norm Peterson
... Dr. Frasier Crane
... Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane
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