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Scrubs Season 1 Episodes:

Episode 1: My First Day; 10/2/01
In the series pilot, J.D. encounters a take-charge nurse, finds romance and faces an anxious first night on call.

Episode 2: My Mentor; 10/4/01
Sardonic Dr. Cox gets to J.D., who's in desperate need of acceptance. Tactless Elliot irks Carla, who's being wooed by slick Turk.

Episode 3: My Best Friend's Mistake; 10/9/01
Professional and personal situations test the bounds of friendship between J.D. and Turk. a sexist matter entangles Elliot with Kelso (Ken Jenkins).

Episode 4: My Old Lady; 10/16/01
A feisty, ailing septuagenarian (Kathryn Joosten) charms J.D. A frightened Hispanic patient unwittingly makes allies of Elliot and Carla.

Episode 5: My Two Dads; 10/23/01
J.D.'s father figures---Cox and Kelso---court the support of their hopeful protégé over the issues of patient care and health insurance. Louie Anderson appears briefly as himself.

Episode 6: My Bad; 10/30/01
J.D.'s tryst with an alluring patient (Christa Miller) leaves him in shock, but the real jolt hits when he finds out who she really is. Comic Jimmie Walker has a cameo as himself.

Episode 7: My Super Ego; 11/6/01
Sean Hayes plays a macho, hotshot intern, who steals the limelight from J.D. and enthralls Elliot. Turk faces a personal crisis in the OR.

Episode 8: My 15 Minutes; 11/15/01
Heroics in a crisis glorify Turk and J.D., who's still shaky about an upcoming internship evaluation that falls to the volatile Dr. Cox.

Episode 9: My Day Off; 11/20/01
Appendicitis afflicts J.D. at Thanksgiving time, so he learns firsthand what it's like to be a patient, starting with a physical exam by Elliot.

Episode 10: My Nickname; 11/27/01
A hyperactive patient (Nicole Sullivan) unnerves Cox and elicits Elliot's sympathy. J.D.'s blowup strains his precarious relationship with Carla.

Episode 11: My Own Personal Jesus; 12/11/01
At Yuletide, J.D. videotapes a baby's birth. Elliot attends to a penniless, pregnant teen. Turk sees an onslaught of patients in a scene set to a macrabe choral reworking of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Episode 12: My Blind Date; 1/8/02
A hectic day in the ICU finds Cox needling Elliot and J.D., who's also ordered by Kelso to treat a patient injured in a fall at the hospital.

Episode 13: My Balancing Act; 1/15/02
Juggling patient care and a new love interest flusters J.D. Combatting Kelso amuses Cox. Carrot Top appears as himself.

Episode 14: My Drug Buddy; 1/22/02
A new love interest entangles J.D. A rivalry intensifies between Cox and Turk A tenuous, ride-sharing arrangement ties Carla to Kelso.

Episode 15: My Bed Banter & Beyond; 2/5/02
The J.D.-Elliot relationship gets hot and heavy in an episode that finds interns and staffers baring their souls to a psychologist.

Episode 16: My Heavy Meddle; 2/26/02
Cox's volatile outbursts get to J.D., who has a showdown with the despondent doc. A dying patient's request embroils Carla with Kelso (Ken Jenkins).

Episode 17: My Student; 3/5/02
Med students working with the interns include J.D.'s nervous neophyte and a self-assured charmer (Kelli Williams) who bewitches Cox.

Episode 18: My Tuscaloosa Heart; 3/12/02
Romantic tangles fluster Cox, who's swept away by a med student (Kelli Williams), reinvolved with his ex and still enamored of Carla.

Episode 19: My Old Man; 4/2/02
John Ritter plays J.D.'s father, a gregarious yet lonely divorcé who's among the diverse parents visiting their offspring.

Episode 20: My Way or the Highway; 4/16/02
Turk's competitiveness rattles J.D. Dr. Cox's rashness turns off the nursing staff. A patient's handsomeness turns on Elliot.

Episode 21: My Sacrificial Clam; 4/30/02
Fear plagues J.D. after being pricked by a used syringe. A new beau (Scott Foley) busies Elliot; athletic competitions pit Turk vs. Cox. "St. Elsewhere" regulars with cameos as doctor-patients include William Daniels, Ed Begley Jr., Stephen Furst and Eric Laneuville.

Episode 22: My Occurrence; 5/7/02
Part 1 of two. Brendan Fraser plays Dr. Cox's gregarious former brother-in-law, whose admittance to the hospital following a construction accident has unforeseen complications.

Episode 23: My Hero; 5/14/02
Conclusion. Concern for a patient and friend (Brendan Fraser) unsettles Cox. Ego gnaws at Turk, bypassed for prime surgery.

Episode 24: My Last Day; 5/21/02
The squabbling interns find a common cause in the desperate plight of an elderly, uninsured patient who needs surgery.

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