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Scrubs Season 7 Episodes:

Episode 1: My Own Worst Enemy; 10/26/07
J.D. and Elliot evaluate their relationships. Turk attempts to limit his sugar intake by allowing himself only one kind of candy bar. Dr. Cox struggles to diagnose a patient. The Janitor has a new paramour.

Episode 2: My Hard Labor; 11/2/07
Kim goes into labor as she and J.D. contemplate their future together. Dr. Cox can't bring himself to give his daughter a shot. Turk and Carla obsess over beating a video game. Dr. Kelso consoles his heartbroken son.

Episode 3: My Inconvenient Truth; 11/9/07
A newly environmentally aware Janitor polices the staff of Sacred Heart. Elsewhere, J.D.'s brother (Tom Cavanagh) returns with an ironic message for his sibling, and Elliot and Dr. Cox disagree over the hypocrisy of their jobs.

Episode 4: My Identity Crisis; 11/16/07
Carla worries that Izzy won't appreciate her Latin roots. Elsewhere, the Janitor challenges J.D. to identify the entire staff without using nicknames, and Dr. Cox misses his family.

Episode 5: My Growing Pains; 11/30/07
J.D. tries to grow up for the sake of his baby, but Turk resists his new goal. Elsewhere, Dr. Cox gives a patient difficult news, and Elliot plans a birthday party for Kelso, whose real age is revealed.

Episode 6: My Number One Doctor; 12/7/07
Cox and Turk compete for the top spot on a Web site that rates doctors as they both try to sabotage J.D.'s ranking. Elsewhere, a terminal patient makes a confession to Elliot; and Carla looks for the common ground between the Janitor and his new girlfriend.

Episode 7: My Bad Too; 4/10/08
Turk learns Spanish as an anniversary gift for Carla and discovers being bilingual comes with unexpected perks. Elsewhere, a burn patient asks J.D. for permission to attend his graduation and Dr. Cox plays games with Kelso's breakfast.

Episode 8: My Manhood; 4/17/08
J.D. and Turk fret over their masculinity---J.D. wants to set an example for his son and Turk has a surgical procedure that leaves him feeling insecure. Meanwhile, the Janitor creates a hospital newspaper in response to a disagreement with Kelso.

Episode 9: My Dumb Luck; 4/24/08
Dr. Cox struggles to diagnose a patient, and J.D. and Turk set out to one-up the veteran doctor by beating him to the punch. Elsewhere, Carla and Elliot try to persuade the hospital board to not force Kelso into retirement.

Episode 10: Her Waste of Time; 5/1/08
J.D. and Elliot recognize changes in their relationship while tracking down a former patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox discovers the downside of his new title. Carla and Turk discuss having another baby.

Episode 11: My Princess; 5/8/08
Dr. Cox spins his rocky day at work into a fairy tale for his son. In the story, the Sacred Heart staff work together to try to defeat an unknown monster plaguing Elliot's patient. But their actions are impeded by the nefarious Dark Lord, aka Dr. Kelso.

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