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Night Court

Who was the crazier crew? The train of defendants that appeared in night court? Or the judge and court crew that handled their cases?

- Judge Harry Stone was an irreverent magic-loving night court judge.
- Christine Sullivan was the beautiful grounded member of the motley crew, except when it came to her romances.
- Dan Fielding was the potty-mouthed, lecherous assistant district attorney.
- Mac was the steady court clerk.
- Bull was the gentle giant baliff.
- Roz Russell was the mannish baliff who never hesitated to express her opinion.
- Mel Tormé appeared as himself several times.

Cast & Crew List
Name: Credit:
Reinhold Weege

Harry Anderson
Markie Post
John Larroquette
Charles Robinson
Richard Moll
Marsha Warfield
Mel Tormé
... Creator

... Judge Harry Stone
... Christine Sullivan
... Asst. D.A. Reinhold 'Dan' Fielding
... Court Clerk Mac Robinson
... Baliff Nostradamus 'Bull' Shannon
... Roz Russell
... Himself
Night Court (1984-1992) IMDB Listing

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