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Portrayed by: Bernard Hill

Appears in:
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Théoden In The Two Towers:
King Théoden has been weakened by the false words of his advisor, Gríma Wormtongue, who has been bought by Saruman. When Gandalf comes to Edoras, he breaks Saruman's spell and Théoden is brought out of his fog. He retakes his sword and learns of Gríma's treachery. He nearly kills Gríma, but Aragorn convinces him to simply banish him. Théoden learns of the death of his son, Théodred, and they have a funeral. Shortly after the funeral, Éothain and Freda arrive from the Westfold, telling of the Wild Men and Saruman's attacks on Rohan. He decides to evacuate the city and orders Edoras emptied. He leads his people to Helm's Deep, a mountain stronghold which has never been overrun.

As they make way toward the White Mountains and Helm's Deep, Saruman sends his Wargs to attack the refugees. The Wargs are driven off, but Aragorn falls. Once at Helm's Deep, Théoden learns that he has few men. Aragorn arrives the next day with a report of a huge force of Uruk-hai marching toward them. Théoden complains that they are alone, without aid. Then a force of Elves arrive sent by Elrond and led by Haldir. Théoden is surprised by the size of the force sent against him by Saruman. After the Deeping Wall is compromised and the Deep is overrun for the first time ever, he begins to despair. Aragorn talks him into making one last charge. As they do so, Gandalf and Éomer arrive leading a force of Rohirrim.

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