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Voiced by: Andy Serkis

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Gollum In The Return of the King:
Gollum leads Frodo and Sam through Ithilien. They near Minas Morgul where he leads them to a stair that will take them to his secret way into Mordor. Gollum and Sam have to drag Frodo to the stair because he is drawn down the road toward the city. They make it to the stair just as the gates open and huge army of Orcs marches out. The three of them slowly climb the stair. After a while they stop and the Hobbits rest while Gollum disappears. When he comes back, Sam questions him about where he went and Gollum uses the opportunity to start to plant in Frodo some suspicions concerning Sam.

The next time that they stop on the stair, Gollum waits until Sam falls asleep and then makes it look like he ate all the food. Between that and Sam's offer to carry the Ring, Frodo decides to send Sam away and then follows Gollum up the last of the stairs. Gollum sends Frodo into Shelob's Lair. Frodo manages to escape from Shelob, so Gollum tells him that he was forced to lead him into the trap. When Frodo drops his guard, Gollum attacks him, but Frodo is able to throw Gollum over the side of the cliff.

As Frodo and Sam near the entrance to the Cracks of Mt. Doom, Gollum appears and attacks Frodo again. The two Hobbits are able to fight him off. When Frodo proclaims that the Ring is his, Gollum stuns Sam and attacks Frodo. He is able to reclaim the Ring by biting off Frodo's finger, but he falls into the Fires below. As Gandalf guessed, Gollum did play a huge role in the fate of the Ring and Middle Earth.

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