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Voiced by: Andy Serkis

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Gollum In The Fellowship of the Ring:
In the Prologue, Galadriel explains that Bilbo had found his Ring during his encounter with Gollum deep under the Misty Mountains. Though the Ring had wanted to leave Gollum, Gollum did not know that and blamed Bilbo for stealing his Ring. Bilbo got away, but Gollum was driven to leave his cavernous home and attempt to find his Ring. During his travels, Gollum was captured snooping around Mordor. While being tortured in Barad-dûr, Gollum revealed two things about Bilbo: "Baggins" and "Shire." He was then released.

Gollum is discovered to be following The Fellowship through Moria. Frodo tells Gandalf of Gollum and Gandalf is not surprised. The two then have a discussion about Gollum in which Gandalf says that he is glad that Bilbo did not kill Gollum because he believes that Gollum has a part to play in the fate of the Ring. Gollum is later spotted several times by both Aragorn and Boromir as The Fellowship travels down the Anduin River. Both fail to capture Gollum.

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