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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Book II:

Chapter 9: The Great River
As the Fellowship floats down the Great River, Sam notices that Gollum is following. Frodo then notices him near the boats that night. Aragorn tells him that Gollum had followed them through Moria to Lórien and that he's tried to catch Gollum a couple of times. On the eighth night on the river, they come upon rapids and stray toward the eastern bank where orcs fire arrows at them. They struggle back upstream and back to the western bank.

Once there, Legolas fells a dark, winged creature that crashes down on the eastern side. The next day the Fellowship debates on where to go. Boromir wants them to abandon the river and head for Minas Tirith, but Aragorn wants to continue on to Amon Hen. They portage around the rapids and make their way down the Great River past the Argonath to Amon Hen, which they reach ten days after departing from Lórien.

Chapter 10: The Breaking of the Fellowship
After resting on the grassy field of Parth Galen, the Fellowship's discussion resumes concerning where to go next. Frodo asks for an hour to think alone. He then makes his way up toward the abandoned watchtower of Amon Hen. Boromir soon comes to him, at first pleasant, but then he argues for not destroying the Ring and asks Frodo to lend him the Ring so he can protect Gondor. When Frodo refuses, he grows angry and lunges at Frodo. Frodo slips on the Ring and escapes. Because of the Ring's affect on Boromir, Frodo decides to set off for Mordor alone and makes for the boats.

Back by the River, the rest of the Fellowship debates Frodo's plight. They notice Boromir is gone and that the hour has passed. They scatter in a search for Frodo. Aragorn runs into Boromir who only says that Frodo grew angry with him and put on the Ring. Aragorn sends him after Merry and Pippin. Aragorn overtakes Sam, who cannot keep up. Sam then realizes that Frodo needs supplies, so he heads back to the boats just in time to join Frodo. They sail for the eastern shore.

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