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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Book I:

Chapter 9 - At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
The Hobbits arrive at the gate of Bree after nightfall. After being warned by the gatekeeper about queer folk being about, they reach the Prancing Pony. They get rooms, eat supper and are asked by the innkeeper Barliman Butterbur to come down to the common-room. Merry stays in the room, but the rest go down. Frodo notices Strider, who soon invites Frodo to join him. Strider points out that Pippin is being too talkative about their adventures so far and Frodo's identity. To head off the situation, Frodo interrrupts and offers to sing a song. While standing on a table singing, he falls and foolishly slips on the Ring. His disappearance causes a commotion in the Inn. He reappears near Strider, who suggests that they talk later. Before Frodo retires to his room for the night, Butterbur also asks to speak to Frodo privately later as well.

Chapter 10 - Strider
The Hobbits return to their room. Merry is not there, but Strider has followed them. Strider reveals that he is looking for Frodo Baggins. He also hints at the burden that Frodo carries and asks to join Frodo and his company. Frodo is cautious, but agrees to allow Strider to lead them over Sam's objections. Butterbur arrives, bearing a message and letter from Gandalf. Gandalf's letter tells Frodo of Strider and includes a test to make sure that it is the real Strider. Stider, who had hidden in the shadows at the innkeeper's arrival, reveals his true name to be Aragorn, which matches the identity given in Gandalf's letter. Aragorn decides that they should make for Weathertop and is worried by the ill-tidings of Gandalf's letter. Merry now bursts in, telling them that Black Riders have been in Bree. The Hobbits relocate to Strider's room for the night.

Chapter 11 - A Knife in the Dark
Back in Buckland three Black Riders enter Frodo's house and find it empty. In Bree, the Hobbits find that their room had been ransacked and all the horses have been run out of the stables. All but one of the horses would eventually be found, but in the meantime, the Hobbits had to buy an underfed horse named Bill to carry food and supplies. After a delay, they set out down the road. After a few miles, Strider turns aside and leads the Hobbits into the countryside through the Midgewater Marshes. One night they see what looks like a lightning storm on a hilltop. When they reach Weathertop three days later, they find evidence that Gandalf had been there on the very night that they had seen the lightning. They also spot several Black Riders moving about on the Road. They then make a small camp and fire at the foot of the hill. After Strider tells the tale of Beren and Lúthien that evening, five Black Riders attack. Frodo puts on the Ring, but is still stabbed in the left shoulder by one of the Black Riders before Strider is able to drive the Black Riders off.

Chapter 12 - Flight to the Ford
Frodo has been wounded by a poisoned fell blade. Strider uses Athelas to slow the wound, but they must hurry to Rivendell where better treatment for Frodo can be found. After several days travelling through the countryside in order to avoid the Black Riders who are surely patrolling the East Road, they finally have to return to the East Road to cross the River Hoarwell. After two more days, they find the three trolls that Bilbo had encountered on his earlier adventure to The Lonely Mountain (events from The Hobbit). That evening, they again return to the Road and meet up with Glorfindel, an elf sent from Rivendell and they continue on. Two days later, they are only a mile away from the Ford of Bruinen, when all nine Black Riders appear and pursue Frodo, who rides alone on Glorfindel's horse. Frodo crosses the river and then the Black Riders begin to cross the river in pursuit. The Black Riders are thwarted by a rush of water that carries them and their steeds away before Frodo falls into the darkness, overcome by his wound.

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