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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Book II:

Chapter 6: Lothlórien
Following the loss of Gandalf and their escape from Moria, Aragorn leads the rest of the Fellowship toward Lothlórien. They pause to rest and also to check Frodo and Sam's wounds. It is then that Aragorn discovers Frodo's shirt of mithril mail. They reach the edge of Lothlórien and the stream of Nimrodel, where Legolas is inspired to sing a song. They press deeper into the forest and as protection from the roving Orc parties that are expected at nightfall are about to take refuge up in the trees when Elves appear. They call Legolas and Frodo up into a tree for a council.

Haldir informs Legolas and Frodo that the Elves knew of their coming and offers them passage, even Gimli the dwarf, since Elrond himself chose the company. That night orcs pass beneath and the Elves spy a strange creature. As they go deeper into Lórien, Haldir demands that Gimli wear a blindfold because he is a dwarf. When Gimli refuses because of the insult, Aragorn orders all of the Fellowship to be blindfolded in order to bring resolution to the situation. After they travel for some time in this manner, Haldir removes the blindfolds because the Lord and Lady of the Galadrim had sent word that the entire Fellowship had been given full passage. They continue to the hill of Cerin Amroth.

Chapter 7: The Mirror of Galadriel
The Fellowship come to the Elven city of Caras Galadon. They meet Celeborn and Galadriel, who had expected Gandalf as well. Aragorn relates what has happened to the Fellowship since it left Rivendell including the fall of Gandalf. Meeting Lady Galadriel brings a change in Gimli. The Fellowship spend days resting while Legolas and Gimli wander through Lórien. One day Galadriel leads Frodo and Sam to the Mirror of Galadriel. Sam looks in first and sees Hobbiton being torn up. He has an urge to go home, but decides to stay with Frodo. Frod then looks in and sees a montage of images before the Eye of Sauron fills the mirror. Frodo then perceives Galadriel as being another Ringbearer. He offers her the One Ring, and though greatly tempted, she refuses.

Chapter 8: Farewell to Lórien
It is now time for the Fellowship to leave. However, they cannot decide on which side of the Great River to travel. Boromir favors the western side of the river since it would bring them closer to Gondor, while Aragorn favors the eastern side in spite of the poor terrain because it would be quicker. Celeborn decides to give them three boats so that they can journey some way settling on which side of the river they will travel on. That evening, the Fellowship meet together and Frodo begins to worry about Boromir's intentions toward him and the Ring.

The next day the Fellowship sets out with additional gifts of rope and Elven cloaks. Downstream they encounter Celeborn and Galadriel, who invite them to a parting feast. Afterwards, Galadriel gives gifts: a sheath for Aragorn's sword as well as a broach left by her granddaughter Arwen, a gold belt to Boromir, silves belts to Merry and Pippin, a bow and quiver of arrows to Legolas, a box of soil from Lórien for Sam and a phial of starlight to Frodo. Gimli asks for a strand of Galadriel's hair and receives three. The Fellowship then departs from Lórien.

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