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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Book II:

Chapter 3: The Ring Goes South
The Hobbits meet together in Rivendell where Pippin and Merry complain that they are not going with Frodo on his quest to destroy the Ring in the Cracks of Mt. Doom. Gandalf interrupts and says nothing has been decided although he would like to go with the Ringbearer. They remain at Rivendell as Elrond awaits the return of scouts. Eight of the Nine Black Riders have been accounted for and will not be in pursuit for a time. After two months Elrond summons the Hobbits.

Elrond tells them that the Ringbearer must leave in a week. He also names Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Boromir to join Frodo and Sam. Merry and Pippin plead to be the last two members of the party. Elrond relents and the Nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring are named. Before they leave, Bilbo gives Frodo his sword Sting and his shirt of mithril mail, which he asks Frodo to keep a secret. Frodo puts the shirt on underneath his clothes. The Nine set out with Bill the pony whom Sam insisted be chosen. They set out south toward the Misty Mountains. When they enter the deserted land of Hollin, they find the way south watched, so they begin to travel at night. They attempt to cross the mountains at the Pass of Caradhras, but are driven back by fell weather.

Chapter 4: A Journey in the Dark
The Fellowship discuss which route to take. Boromir suggests the Gap of Rohan, but with Saruman's treachery, passing so close to Isengard is dangerous. Gandalf now favors passing through Moria, though Aragorn is concerned for Gandalf's sake. Frodo suggests sleeping on it, but the howls of wargs nearby make Moria the necessary choice. That night, they are attacked by wargs, but are able to repel the attack. They make for the nearest entrance to Moria which now has a lake nearly blocking it.

Gandalf finds the Hollin Gate, but is at first unable to open it. Boromir, in his distaste for the dark pool and Moria, throws a large stone into the lake. Something is disturbed and ripples toward them as Gandalf figures out the password and the Gates open. The Fellowship begin to enter when tentacles grab Frodo. Bill the pony flees, while Sam slashes Frodo free. They enter Moria as the tentacled Watcher in the Water slams the doors closed and barracades them shut with boulders, which traps the Fellowship in Moria. With Gandalf supplying a faint light they press on. When they stop finally for a rest, Pippin drops a stone in a well. Some hammered signals follow before dying out. Frodo also begins noticing that something seems to be following them. They reach the halls of Moria and stop to rest. The next day, they find Balin's tomb.

Chapter 5: The Bridge of Khazad-dûm
Balin had gone with Bilbo on his earlier adventure (events of The Hobbit). After that adventure had ended, Balin had put together an expedition to revive the Dwarven colony in the Mines of Moria. Searching the chamber, the Fellowship find a journal of the revived Dwarven colony. Balin had been killed in the fifth year after he had returned, while others had been killed by the Watcher in the Water at the Hollin Gate. Gandalf now orders eveyone out of the chamber, but as he does, they hear orcs drawing near. They wedge the door shut and wait.

A cave troll begins to push the door open when Frodo stabs it in the foot. Orcs hack open the door and attack. The attack is driven off, but only after Frodo is pinned against the wall by a spear. Aragorn picks him up and they flee down the east door. Gandalf remains behind. A few minutes later he arrives and they continue fleeing through Moria. Frodo is discovered to be alive and well. Gandalf says the way behind them is blocked, but he had faced something powerful. They now make for the Bridge of Khazad-dûm. Just as they cross it, a Balrog overtakes them. Gandalf faces it alone and smites the bridge beneath it. As it falls, the Balrog uses its whip to grab and drag Gandalf down. The rest of the Fellowship make their way out to the Dimrill Dale outside Moria before they stop to mourn.

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