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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Book I:

Chapter 4: A Short Cut to Mushrooms
After his talk with Gildor, Frodo decides to leave the road and instead take to the countryside. Frodo, Sam and Pippin end up at Farmer Maggot's house. Frodo had been scared of Farmer Maggot since he as a boy after Frodo had taken some mushrooms and been caught by Farmer Maggot. However, Farmer Maggot turns out to be very friendly and tells them of a Black Rider that had been asking for Baggins. He then invites them to dinner and later gives them a ride to Buckleberry Ferry. At the ferry, they are met by Merry Brandybuck.

Chapter 5: A Conspiracy Unmasked
At his new home in Buckland, Frodo learns that Merry, Pippin and Fatty Bolger knew about his real intention to leave the Shire from their spy, Sam. They had learned about that and the Ring from Sam before Gandalf had caught Sam after which Sam stopped being forthcoming. Frodo is shocked, but happy that he does not have to say goodbye. Merry and Pippin have decided to go with Sam and Frodo, while Fatty will remain behind to keep up appearances as if Frodo is still there. Rather than take the East Road, they decide to go through the Old Forest to avoid being seen.

Chapter 6: The Old Forest
The Hobbits enter the Old Forest, which they find oppresive and uncomfortable. They find themselves being forced to travel into the Withywindle Valley, which is deeper in the Old Forest rather than back closer to the road to the East as they had intended. They encounter a stream and feel driven to rest under an old willow. Sam is suspicious and finds Frodo drowning, having been forced under the water by a root of the willow. He pulls Frodo out of the water. They then find Merry and Pippin trapped inside the willow. Sam and Frodo try to start a fire, but it fails to free their friends. Frodo then calls for help and along comes Tom Bombadil, who saves Merry and Pippin. He then invites the Hobbits to his house.

Chapter 7: In the House of Tom Bombadil
The Hobbts spend a night and a day at Tom Bombadil's house. They meet his wife, Goldberry and rest up and refresh. Tom Bombadil is knowledgeable and the Ring has no effect on him. He advises them to set out North to reach the East Road and continue their journey.

Chapter 8 - Fog on the Barrow-Downs
The Hobbits set out from Tom Bombadil's house. They encounter Goldberry, who had already been gone when the awoke that morning. They now are able to tell her goodbye. They begin to skirt the Barrow Downs, which are ancient burial mounts. The Hobbits stop for lunch and fall asleep. They awake to find the sun setting and a fog on the downs. Frodo gets separated from the others in the fog. He is overcome and then awakens to find himself imprisoned in a barrow along with the others. He sings a song to call Tom Bombadil, who comes, opens the barrow and rescues them from the barrow-wraiths. He leaves the Hobbits for a while and then returns with the horses. He gives the Hobbits long daggers to serve as swords. He had found the weapons, which had been fashioned by the Men of Westernesse long ago, among the barrows. Tom then leads them to the edge of the forest and advises them to go to the Prancing Pony Inn in Bree.

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