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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Book I:

1. Concerning Hobbits - History of Hobbits, their settling in The Shire and their culture.
2. Concerning Pipeweed - History of pipeweed.
3. Of the Ordering of the Shire - Government and structure of authority in The Shire
4. Of the Finding of the Ring - Recounting from The Hobbit of Bilbo's finding the Ring and his encounter with Gollum.

Chapter 1: A Long Expected Party
Bilbo and Frodo are about to celebrate their eleventy-first (111st) and thirty-third (Frodo's Coming of Age) birthdays. Gandalf arrives with fireworks. Bilbo puts on a great party with gifts and food. He then abruptly disappears after making a farewell speech, which leaves his guests offended. He returns to Bag End and packs up. Gandalf arrives and strongly pursuades Bilbo to leave the Ring, which Bilbo reluctantly does before setting out. Frodo soon arrives, knowing that Bilbo has decided to leave the Shire. Gandalf tells Frodo that he has inherited Bag End and the Ring. Frodo then spends the next day distributing items from Bag End on written orders from Bilbo. Later that day, Gandalf arrives and informs Frodo that he is leaving as well.

Chapter 2: The Shadow of the Past
Seventeen years have passed since Bilbo's departure. Frodo is now fifty and Gandalf pays him a visit for the first time in nine years. Gandalf checks the Ring and it is as he has come to suspect. It is the One Ring forged by Sauron. He tells Frodo of the history of the Rings of Power (the One Ring, three Elven Rings, seven Dwarven Rings, Nine Rings for Men), Sauron's defeat at the end of the Second Age, Isildur's gaining and losing the Ring and how it came to be possessed by Sméagol/Gollum. Gandalf then tells Frodo that Sauron is looking for the Ring and that it can only be destroyed in the Cracks of Mount Doom in Mordor where it was forged. Frodo volunteers to leave The Shire and Gandalf suggests that he go by the name of Mr. Underhill. Gandalf then catches Sam Gamgee, the gardener, eavesdropping and orders him to go with Frodo.

Chapter 3: Three is Company
Gandalf tells Frodo to leave quietly and make for Rivendell. Frodo covers hsi departure by announcing that he is moving back to Buckland where he had grown up before being adopted by Bilbo. Gandalf finally leaves, saying that he needs to check the news and that he will not be gone long. After Frodo's birthday passes and Gandalf still has not returned as he had promised, Frodo finally decides cannot wait any longer to leave. He, Sam and Pippin Took set out for Buckland by foot. Along the way, they spot a Black Rider. Sam then recounts how his father, the Old Gaffer, had told him that a strange man had recently inquired about Frodo. After a second close encounter with a Black Rider, they see Elves who are journeying through The Shire. Gildor and the Elves invite the Hobbits to join them. Gildor tells Frodo little, but seems worried about the news of Black Riders and Gandalf not returning.

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