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Episode 616 Spoilers: What They Died For; May 18, 2010
5/16/10: Locke and Claire argue about getting into a canoe, which Claire apparently doesn't want to do. Hurley was seen on the beach. There was filming in the jungle that involved gunfire. From DarkUFO
5/16/10: Richard, Miles and Ben are at the Dharma village. In another scene, Locke and Ben chat on the porch of one of the houses. From DarkUFO
5/16/10: Back at Alex and Ben's school in the flash-sideways, Ben is beaten up and it "might" have been Desmond. Another scene had Ben in an arm sling walking with Alex, who then introduces him to Rousseau. From DarkUFO
5/16/10: While Locke devises a new strategy, Jack's group searches for Desmond. From ABC Official Press Release
5/16/10: Recurring characters Desmond, Ana Lucia, Danielle Rousseau [the original], Charles Widmore, Alex, Jacob, David Shephard and Zoe appear. Also appearing are teenage boy, Nurse Kondracki, student and LAPD cop. From ABC Official Press Release
5/16/10: Added episode title. From ABC Official Press Release
5/4/10: An outdoor set of the sub interior might have been built. From DarkUFO [We have a guess that things go badly in episode 614 concerning escape on the sub, which is why some of the Losties are on the beach. Then episode 615 is a flashback on Jacob and Man in Black leaving us in limbo on the fate of some people. Episode 616 picks back up with the sub and the wind-down to the finale.]

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