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Episode 611 Spoilers: Happily Ever After; "Desmond-centric"; April 6, 2010
4/5/10: Desmond wakes up to discover he's back on the island. From ABC Official Press Release
4/5/10: Charlie, Desmond, Daniel Faraday, Charles Widmore, Eloise Hawking, Penny, George Minkowski and Zoe appear. Also appearing are Seamus, doctor, MRI tech, Nurse Tyra, lawyer, assistant, Simmons, clipboard guy, nurse, techie #1 and goon #1. From ABC Official Press Release
4/5/10: Sayid continues to infiltrate Widmore's group on Hydra Island. He takes out a couple guards and someone ges electrocuted or injured. From The Transmission
4/5/10: Desmond is indeed at LAX after Oceanic 815 lands. He encounters Hurley. He also bumps into Claire and helps her with her luggage. He is met by his limo driver who turns out to be Minkowski. From DarkUFO
3/7/10: Desmond and Widmore had a scene in Widmore's office. From DarkUFO
3/7/10: Desmond and Charlie end up at Jack's hospital. From DarkUFO [Jack's hospital seems to be the LA's only hospital in the alternate timeline. Charlie and Desmond likely end up there after their crash.]
3/7/10: Desmond crashes a fundraiser for a 'Natural History Museum', which is hosted by Eloise Hawking. When Desmond tries to look at the guest list, possibly for Penny, Hawking takes it away. Desmond then storms off. From Ryan in Hawaii
3/7/10: In the alternate timeline, Desmond was joined by Minkowski and Mrs. Hawking. From DarkUFO
3/7/10: Desmond is driving and arguing with Charlie, who suddenly grabs the wheel and turns it. Their car is then sent plunging over the road into the water. From Ryan in Hawaii
2/27/10: Charlie and his lawyer walk out of the 'Airport Courthouse'. It appears he's just been released. Desmond walks up to them and the lawyer turns Charlie over to Desmond. However, Charlie just walks off crossing the street in traffic. Desmond pauses for the traffic and then follows after him. From Ryan in Hawaii [We know Jacob's dead, but since Hurley has already talked to Jacob postmortem this spoiler could still be accurate.]
2/27/10: Scenes filmed at the bear cages on the second island. From Location Report
2/27/10: Widmore appears as does Room 23. From DarkUFO
2/27/10: Guest characters: DOCTOR - 30s, male or female, any ethnicity. Working rounds in the E.R. Good bed-side manner. Smart. Knows what's best for the patient and won't be questioned or pushed around. CO-STAR; MRI TECH - 30s, male or female, any ethnicity. Performing the next in a line of scans needed to be done that day. Bored by the routine but empathetic to people's fears of the machine. CO-STAR; LAWYER - 30s-40s, female, African American, sharp and excellent at her job. CO-STAR. From Casting Calls

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