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Episode 607 Spoilers: Dr. Linus; "Ben-centric"; March 9, 2010
3/7/10: Ben deals with the consequences of an uncovered lie. From ABC Official Press Release [Presumably, Ben's killing of Jacob comes to light.]
3/7/10: Widmore (the 'older' version), Alex, Arzt and Roger Linus appear. Also appearing are Principal Don Reynolds and officer. From ABC Official Press Release [More familiar faces pop up in the alternate timeline.]
2/21/10: At home, Ben and his father share a scene in which Roger Linus supposedly says, "This is not the life I wanted for you, Ben." In an evening scene, Alex comes to the front door. Ben opens the door and they talk. She supposedly says, "You're the best" before leaving. From Ryan in Hawaii
2/21/10: Ben, Frank, Ilana, Sun and Miles have returned to the beach camp and settled in. Frank gathers wood. Frank and Ben dig in the sand. Frank walks around armed. Ilana marches Ben around at gunpoint. Some kind of disagreement between Ilana and Miles. As Frank tends a fire, Jack, Hurley and Richard emerge from the woods. There's a happy reunion. Claire was also spotted at the camp, but aloof from the group. From The Transmission
2/21/10: The episode returns to the high school seen in episode four in the alternate timeline. Locke is still substituting and Ben teaching. This time, Leslie Arzt is seen to be another teacher and Alex is a student at the very same school. Also appearing is William Atherton, who portrays Principal Reynolds. From TV Overmind

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