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Episodes 601 & 602 Spoilers: LA X; February 2, 2010
2/2/10: Undead-Locke greets and then beats down Richard. From Ryan in Hawaii
2/2/10: The aftermath from Juliet's detonation of the hydrogen bomb is revealed. From ABC Official Press Release
2/2/10: Greg Grunberg (Oceanic 815 pilot) appears in voiceover. From TV Guide
2/2/10: In addition to Frogurt, Charlie, Boone and Arzt appear in the alternate timeline airport scenes. From DarkUFO
2/2/10: Cindy appears with the Others on the Island. From Teaser
2/2/10: A very-pregnant Claire was in the cab that Kate jumped into. From Location Report
2/2/10: In what would be an alternate timeline, Oceanic 815 has apparently reached LA X. Kate manages to escape from the Marshal and jumps into a cab. Hurley, Jack and Frogurt were seen. From Ryan in Hawaii
2/2/10: Cast filmed scenes in an airport terminal. From Location Report
2/2/10: The episode picks up back outside the statue continuing the storyline from the season five finale. From Location Report
2/2/10: Guest characters: LENNON - Male, mid 30s to late 50s, could be any ethnicity. Scruffy, edgy and charismatic, yet can be deferential when needed; may have gone a little stir-crazy. Spokesperson and translator for the president of a foreign corporation. He facilitates the weight and power of his boss's commands. He is a wily negotiator who is far more powerful than it seems from his position... Recurring Guest Star... LOOKING FOR SOMEONE VERY INTERESTING; JEFF - Male, late 20s to 50s, any ethnicity. A polished, sympathetic, and very efficient public relations rep for high-profile company. Has to deliver a piece of bad news to a corporate executive and hides his nervousness behind a professional, reassuring smile... Co-Star; PAUL - Male, 30s to 60s, any ethnicity. Overworked, harried from a long day and many hours, faced with a highly adrenalized situation that forces him to remain calm and tests his ability to keep his wits about him - a test he fails as panic wins out... Nice Co-Star. WILL BE IN EPISODE 602 and MUST ALSO BE AVAIL FOR EPISODE 603. From Casting Calls

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