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Episode 608 Spoilers: Recon; "Sawyer-centric"; March 16, 2010
3/16/10: Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission. From ABC Official Press Release
3/16/10: Widmore (the 'older' version), Charlotte, Cindy, Zach, Emma and Liam Pace appear. New recurring chararcter Zoe appears. Also appearing are Ava, Seamus, duty sergeant, police officer and lawyer. From ABC Official Press Release
2/22/10: Sawyer, Sayid, Locke, Jin, Cindy and a number of Others filmed an Island scene near a waterfall. From Location Reports
2/22/10: Sawyer sits in a car. He motions Miles over, who initially waves him off, but Sawyer calls him over. Miles climbs in and Sawyer gives him a cup of coffee and then a file of photos. Miles flips through it and then returns it. Another scene involved a hooded woman [maybe Kate]being chased down an alley and crashing into Sawyer's car. From Ryan in Hawaii
2/22/10: Sawyer and Charles Widmore filmed scenes on a submarine. From Ryan in Hawaii [Seems as though Sawyer found his way onto that 'boat' and it apparently belongs to Charles Widmore just like the freighter had.]
2/21/10: Sawyer, Miles and a character named 'Liam' filmed a scene, which might have been at a police station. From Ryan in Hawaii
2/21/10: Additional details about Charlotte and Sawyer's dinner indicate that he picked her up earlier in the day. During the dinner, he heads to the bathroom and receives instructions from someone on the phone. Charlotte smokes out Sawyer's con because he knew what she would want to eat and drink. He admits that he knows she was on the Island, that it all ties back to Charles Widmore and wants on the boat (not the same freighter that we've seen). Charlotte keeps watching an Asian man in the restaurant. When Sawyer notices, they leave. From Location Reports [Based on the other location reports, our guess is that the Asian man is Miles and he and Sawyer end up having a confrontation.]
2/21/10: A well-dressed Sawyer and Charlotte go out to dinner. From Ryan in Hawaii [Presumably, this is in the alternate timeline and Saywer's working some con on her.]
2/21/10: Sheila Kelley has been cast as Kendall. From Ausello
2/21/10: Guest characters: KENDALL - Female, any ethnicity, early to mid 30s. An intellectual beauty with a sharp edge to her wit. Caught committing corporate espionage and has to lie her way out. GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECUR; SELENA - Any ethnicity, early 30s. A striking beauty who knows how to use it, mischievous, confident in tense situations. Ends up in bed with an attractive man, all by her own choosing. But after corporate negotiations, she finds the terms of the deal have changed and doesn't know who to trust to save her job. ONE DAY GUEST STAR; SEAMUS - Any ethnicity, 30s-40s. A scientist with some physicality to him. Not afraid to take charge and give orders. Looking for someone interesting. CO-STAR, POSSIBLE RECUR. From Casting Calls

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